Coming Monday: America’s top ten local talk show hosts

by editor on July 15, 2011

Coming Monday: rates America’s top ten local talk show hosts – people you’d love to listen to, but can’t hear in your town. We’ll start with #10 and count ’em down to #1 each Monday to Friday for the next two weeks.

You can’t get away from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck if you wanted to. They’re everywhere. Rush has 600+ stations, Hannity has more than 500 and Beck is over 400.

But what about other great talent? Terrific local and regional broadcasters who aren’t on the air where you live. The up-and-comers who have the potential to be step into Rush’s, Sean’s and Glenn’s shoes someday.

We asked talk radio program directors and talk show hosts around the country to name their favorite hosts. The criteria were simple: Hosts who aren’t nationally syndicated, who are currently big fish in smaller markets or large market hosts who are ready to break through nationally.

Oh, one other rule. We wanted hosts who didn’t just parrot Rush. We wanted unique, creative personalities that shine through on the air, who are a little quirky, people who made you sit up and take notice.

The result is our great collection of great local and regional talk show talent from around the country.

It all starts on Monday. Don’t miss it.

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Inga Barks, KERN radio 1180 and 1410 on the AM dial; went and got herself cancelled, according to local scuttlebutt. I, however, believe the new CSUB director had something to do about it…commie!


I liked listening to her when she was on in place of Mark Levin.


Chris Stigall, Philadelphia, formerly in Kansas City. He is witty and brilliant.
Oh and he’s a staunch Conservative/Libertarian.


Kansas City resident here. Seconded. We miss Chris.


Abdul Hakeem Shabazz, WXNT Radio Indianapolis- who doesn’t love a cigar smoking,martini swilling, bacon eating, smart aleck muslim?