America’s top ten local talk show hosts: #2 – Armstrong & Getty/Sacramento

by editor on July 28, 2011

Armstrong & Getty
Talk 650 KSTE/Sacramento
Monday-Friday 6-10 am

We continue our Top 10 Countdown with #3 today. Look for #1 tomorrow!

Jack Armstrong are Joe Getty are legends in Northern California. They can be heard on their flagship station, KSTE/Sacramento plus KNEW/San Francisco and KWSX/Stockton. The show’s also simulcast on the Bay Area’s TV50.

Their show features lots of listener calls, witty social commentary and humor. A whole lot of humor, in fact. They call it “the day to day wonder and silliness of life, love, kids, pets, work, play, and the parade of goofy behavior that is the news headlines”.

They’ll make you laugh out loud.

This is Armstrong & Getty talking about

And here they are discussing celebrity sex and 7-11:

Listen to Armstrong & Getty live 6-10 am PDT or catch their podcasts any damn time you want:

The Top 10:

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patricia t rivera

LOVE YOU GUYS now get me outta here


When I got an I Pod almost 3 years ago, the first Podcast I downloaded was A&G. They keep me sane at work when I need to block out annoying co-workers and they keep me informed! I love the mix of the show, laughter and anger. It’s a great ensemble, including Scott, Michael, Vince and Marshall.


Love A&G. I’ve lived all over Northern California for the past 6 years, and I’ve been happy to follow A&G while I moved from Monterey to Placerville to Kelseyville and back to Monterey. These guys are smart, hilarious, and quirky in a smart and hilarious manner. LOVE A&G!!! I’ll follow them wherever they/I go.


And I am…..addicted…..weekday morning wakeups would be a whole lot harder without Armstrong & Getty! I even wake up early on my days off so I don’t miss them (sick, I know)…..terrible withdrawal when they’re on vacay. These guys are LOL funny, and then some……THEY JUST GET IT! Hope they never get tired of this gig!!

Rob B

Joe and Jack (and their whole staff) do an absolutely fine program. Not just some days, but consistently entertaining, engaging, really funny and their political/social orientation sure matches mine. I listen to way too much talk radio. I get tired of all the major national hosts, but I never get bored with these guys. I hope they keep their mojo working.


Anybody here remember the time Jack said he “didn’t really like the Beatles,” and hadn’t ever listened to the White Album? Joe’s exhaspiration was palpable and hilarious: “Idiot! Now I’m going to talk about how I hate visiting Turkey, even though I’ve never been there!”

Mike in NM

I’ve been an A&G listener for 10+ years, the last 6 years from New Mexico after moving here from the Sacramento area. I never miss a show. The show has matured and improved over the years and is better than ever. A&G are incredibly smart, entertaining, funny, decent guys. A&G would definitely be my top “stuck on a desert island” choice among all media. It’s great to see all the positive comments posted here. Congratulations A&G!


Who would think 2 midwest dudes who relo’d to NorCal would have such a great show? I would, as a midwest dude who also relo’d to NorCal. Joe and Jack are as refreshing as an eyeopener! They ask the questions and cover issues in a manner that keeps me laughing all the way to work! BTW Jack – I am a fan of the Sam updates! Way to go guys!


I have listened to A&G for the past 10 years. In my books they are number #1. So them getting the # 2 rating nationwide (or as they would say, being the first losers) is a badge of honor for all of us in the Federal Republic of Northern Weedifornia.


Congratz on being number two in this group. As most are saying here, I’ve listened for years and hate to miss a day. We’re not supposed to listen to the radio at work but I’ve hidden an ear piece and positioned my desk so as to thwart any meddling supervisors. It’s worked for 4 years and God willing will continue to; if not, I’ll find a new job:)



So very deserved. Congrats, Jack and Joe!


I have listened to these guys for the last 5 years! I love them. They keep me informed and put a smile on my face. I recommend them to everyone I know!

nate R

I steal food from the mouths of the hosts Kids by listening to every minute of every show since 2006 via the pod casts. enough of the vacations already or at least lets us know so we can plan ours at the same time. are barn birds still on the endangered list at rube holler?


A&G are the funniest radio duo I have ever listened to. Found them several years ago and will always be an ardent supporter and listener… I’m an especially ardent listener, mind you. They deserve a larger syndication area but I’m just thankful that they are in my radio listening area.
Jack, the pragmatist and Joe, the master of the multi-faceted metaphore are a perfect team for humor.
I really lol reading Jack’s tweets about his various grilling mishaps… C’mon Jack… Practice makes perfect
Also, if those talentless and totally unfunny hacks, John and Ken make number one I’m going to barf!


“Also, if those talentless and totally unfunny hacks, John and Ken make number one I’m going to barf!”
AGREE! Didn’t enjoy them at all when they were airing in the Bay Area. I tried to listen multiple times, but just no comparison to A&G.

Loyal VV Listener

Yup, I recall wayyy back in the 90’s (harp sound please) when I heard the news that the previous morning guys were leaving the station… I waited with great trepidation to find out who would replace them. Some guys called Armstrong & Getty. OMG, within a week of listening I was in talk show love! You guys are so freaking SANE! You know how when people are ‘juss drunk’ with adoration and they keep quoting their love interest? Yeah, I was all “A&G this” and “A&G that”. Embarrassing…. I had to tone it down and I’ve learned to simply suggest to my Numb Nut friends that they might enjoy your show. Oh and my young adult son loves you guys too… coz mom do knows best.

Jon Aspiras

My favorite radio show by far. Favorite segment had to be cutting spending to PBS. And everyone was up in arms as to what was going to happen to Sesame Street. The voices during this segment were the best.

Matt G

As a 9 year listener, I admit that The Armstrong & Getty Show is top tier talk radio and as addicting as your morning coffee. This duo provides a rare blend of intellect, humor, credibility and complete candidness. With listeners all over the world, they have the talent to dominate markets and entertain the audience with their natural and witty radio presence. If you’re not listening to A&G yet, you’re just late to the party–but c’mon in, the door’s wide open! Just bring your own gin.


Masters of the spoken word, you two! Smart, manly, and hilarious too! Oh yeah, being thoughtful family men just rounds out the charisma. We need you guys in everyone’s ear!!

Paul H

I’ve been listening to A&G since the very start of their show on KSTE. I literally wear a radio earpiece every day so I don’t miss anything…unless I have a meeting…damn! The show has changed and evolved some, but not much. There’s a lot less “What’s in your glove compartment?” and more tales of Wal-Mart, but that’s the way it is everywhere so whaddya gonna do? Keep up the great entormment guys!!


I’ve lived all over this great country of ours- California, new York, Texas and now Minnesota- I’ve never found a better radio show than A&G. I’ve listened to them Since they first started out in Sacramento as radio djs, and now listen to their entire show via podcast in MN.



A&G are on my radio every morning. These 2 are radio perfection!!!!

I lived in SoCal for a few years and I too enjoyed John and Ken on KFI….still try to listen to them when the station comes in.


Listened to these guys for years here in the Sacramento area. They always have interesting and humorous takes on whats cycling through the media. In many ways, they are the radio version of I Hate The Media. I encourage everyone to check out extra clips of their show. Hey Joe, are you guys still on TV here in Sacramento? If so, what channel?

Joe Getty

We’re on TV in the Bay Area right now, but not in Sacto. Thanks for the kind words…and your comparison of us to is a good one. No mystery why we love ’em.


I miss you guys being on TV. I like that Fox40 was doing checkins with you guys for a while, but nothing like when you guys were actually on TV.

Joe Getty

Wow!!! What an honor! I’m an every day fan of and have read with interest about the other shows that have made the top 10. They sound impressive as hell. Original, smart, and committed. Thanks a milliion for including us in this group.

BTW, the show description is ancient. I’d update it to say, “A & G rip apart the headlines, expose the liars, bellow for more freedom and less government and have a hell of a good time doing it. Our only party loyalty is to the ‘tell the damn truth’ party.”


GO A&G! I love it when you bellow!

Russ P

A&G are great to listen to. When I lived in Sac I tried to never miss a day. For number one I am going to guess it will be John & Ken down here in on KFI these two guys are simply amazing.