#fail – Morsi assumes dictatorial powers in Egypt. “In a word Morsi is the very kind of dictator which President Obama so vehemently denounced in Hosni Mubarak. …all that Obama has changed by his touted ‘leading from behind’ is in replacing one strongman friendly to the United States with a strongman opposed to it.” To paraphrase Pogo, we have met the enemy and he is Barack Obama.

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Missile Command

Team USA – Barack H. Obama head coach. Hilary Rodam Asst. Coach,

L – Give cheap-O gifts to PM and return of Churchill bust to UK; piss off our best ally
L – Withdraw from missile treaty & punish Polish allies
L – Fail to back democrat protests after sham Iran election
L – Propose public humiliation trials for 9/11 masterminds in NYC
L – Withdraw early from Iraq so Iran can take over
L – Reset (not!) with Russia
L – Snub & belittle Israel, best middle eaast ally
L – Fail to properly support surge in Afghanistan
L – Back terrorists in Arab uprisings
L – Conduct undeclared war in Libya
W – Order kill on Osama Bin Laden
L – Allow 9/11 attach on consulate in Benghazi

After an underwhelming 1 – 11 first season, the American public decided to give BHO the FP genius another season. Starting right off with a quick loss in Egypt, it is evident we can expect an even more stunning string of FP failures this season.

6 November 2012

The multivoters gave him another go.


Is there anyone, in the history of the universe, that has stepped on their dick as often as this buffoon? Re Egypt. Who didnt see this coming? That is, who with a shred of common sense.


um… the pharaoh of the exodus, Herod, Pontius Pilate. there’s even a case for Abram/Abraham, when he listened to Sarai/Sarah.
Benedetto Caetani, Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici, Octavianus



Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveu…

Elrond Hubbard

All hail the far-seeing Barack Obama, the smartest President ever, who helped depose a dictator favorable to the United States and replaced him with a dictator hostile to the United States. The One then gave him billions of dollars in aid to make sure his regime would survive.

The foreign policy triumphs just keep piling up.


Oh goodie, we’ve replaced friends with more radical Muslims that want to kill us.


And shortly after the muslim brother hood morsi grabbed his power, his opponents – lets call them infidels – sploded up and torched moslem brotherhood offices in cities across Egypt! How kooky izzat?

6 November 2012

You get it wrong, Morsi is the infidel, that is why they protest.

All… for democracy, he must be deposed, of course he will not be harmed if he just walk away from power…. yes, there are calls for lebanese fashion on him, followed by castration and beheading…. but these are just rumours spread by western islamophobes! Forward, for more democracy!

Elrond Hubbard

Forward!…to dictatorship and religious war!