Larry Summers: It’s time to tax carbon and treats. “Summers believes that the “overwhelming evidence” that sugary snacks are a cause of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and perhaps premature death means that one day there will be a tax on these junk foods that will have the same impact that the tobacco tax has had.” What happened to taxing the rich? Oh, election’s over….

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

All I hear from the slobbering fools in the Commiecrat party is raise taxes. Then we have 50 percent of the country that pays nothing in taxes, how about taxing them?


Because if they get taxed, the dumbs will lose their votes.


looks like we need to have an accident tax, a murder tax, adultery tax, fornication tax, sexual perversion tax, “real-tv” tax, beauty pageant tax, illegal alien tax, white-house squatter tax, ugly tax, ineptitude tax…

Missile Command

I propose it is time we also tax the following:

1) 50 % tax on union dues
2) All people living in cities over 250,000 in population
3) 25 % tax on all movie and music profits and payments to artists
4) 50 % tax on all abortion counciling
5) 10 % tax on all vegetables
6) 91 % tax on all green energy profits (this is good for us, why should someone profit from it?)
7) 50 % tax on all wealth owned by congress and appointed federal employees serving over 6 years.
8) 10 % tax on all other federal government employees (excluding military)

Let’s raise taxes on all these people clammoring for higher tax rates.

Elrond Hubbard

What happened to taxing “the rich”? That was just an election slogan and wouldn’t produce enough revenue in any event. Let’s tax the poor and the middle class instead, that’s where the real money resides. A value added tax will be next and may be inevitable as Uncle Sam slowly becomes Uncle Stalin. Tax policy has become a way of smashing the bourgeoisie and controlling the masses…for their good, of course.

It’s up to us to stop this madness


But, they’re not taxing the poor or the middle class. They’re taxing the wealthy fools that waste their money on sugary snacks, alcohol, and cigarettes, and we know the middle class and poor don’t buy any of those things.


Not so silent

Another brilliant idea from the socialist party (Formerly know as the democrat party) Hey lets tax everything!!!!!!!!!! Tinkle tax, walking tax, breathing tax, shopping tax, farting tax, tax on sales tax, looking out the window tax, a tax on every phone call, a tax on talking, a thinking tax, a tax on burping, raise the beer tax, raise the smokers tax, lets tax candy, (watch out John Cheetos are next. see what happens when you waste your vote?) lets tax everything!!!!!! Lets tax taxes!!!!!!!!!!! Appears it’s time to go to Washington and throw these stinking socialist parasites in the Patomic river..weighted down with the appropriate hope and chains. It’s dejau vue all over again kids….Only this time it ain’t king George, It’s King Barry.