Shocker: Authoritarian Chinese government complains that IPCC censors are too authoritarian

by editor on January 30, 2010

Call this one another nail in the coffin of global warming. The Chinese government, never known for endorsing open communication, has called on the UN’s IPCC to show more tolerance for dissent.

Business Standard reports the duplicitious details:

“Amid controversy surrounding the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on melting glaciers, Xie Zhenhua, Vice-Chairman of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, today urged the UN panel to make the fifth assessment report comprehensive by also citing contrarian views.”

Alright, class, what does it tell us when an authoritarian dictatorship known for denying its citizens the right to open communications is appalled by the censorship of the IPCC?

Is it hypocrisy? Or honesty? Or both?

Source: via Tim Blair

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I am embarrassed that it is China of all countries that seems to have their head screw right on this issue and are first to be outspoken about it (or at least seemingly the most outspoken).

Yes it is hypocrisy, but I think they are splitting hairs so they may not think it is. World control over countries’ methods of getting money and power does not sound palatable to China. Even though a Communist country politically and philosophically, economically it is not. China is two-faced. It benefits them to have power and money. So of course they wouldn’t want such controls to be implemented… Such controls do not benefit the govt at all.

On the other side the govt has no problem enforcing their political and philosophical control on their people and destroying any dissent in the process. It benefits them a great deal to have such control over the populace that is how they can keep the power and control centralized.


It’s both, although I believe that the global warming bs will go down before china’s crooked regime goes down. Funny in one way but then it’s china don’t try to look innocent.


Answer: it tells us climate change is real as in political climate change.