Buffett not worried about fiscal cliff. Well, if I had Warren’s bank account I wouldn’t worry either. Wait until the Anointed one anoints Warren’s fanny and starts extracting large sums of tax money.

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Even if I had a billion dollars, I’d still be upset that Obama is working on making it worth only half a billion. But then, he probably bought gold a long time ago.


I have absolutely no doubt that when they come after peoples wealth, the obscenely rich, Buffet, Soros, Kennedy’s, Gates, the entire legislature members, union bosses, etc, there will be a deeply hidden loophole not available to the commoners. Then the Comm’s can continue to brainwash the Stupids with, “the rich aren’t paying.” Knowing full well that the Stupids are too stupid to figure out who put the loophole in and why they put it in.


Warren won’t lose a dime cause he’s got his money hidden better than Obama has hidden all his birth certificate, school transcripts and the Benghazi and Fast and Furious documents. And that’s hard to beat!


I would love to know how much he has stashed offshore. You know he does.


If I had point one billion trillion Obamabucks in my bank account I wouldn’t worry either, cheating on my taxes or not. Hey, it’s just Monopoly money.

Kip Hooker

Hey when is this guy going to stop cheating on his taxes and pay his fair share?