McCain to reporter: “That’s one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard.” “…he was asked by a reporter whether he thought Gen. David Petraeus’ extramarital affair and resignation might have been a bigger national security threat than the Benghazi attack and its aftermath.” Gosh, you haven’t been listening to them for a while, have you senator?

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Did McShame finally wake up, or something? He should have asked these kinds of questions in this kind of way, some four years ago. I don’t see anything but socialist republican pandering to the camera for the benefit of what few followers he has left. Call me cynical! These lifelong socialists and commies need to swept into the dustbin of history soon ’cause we can’t afford any more of this shit!




Hey, for whoever gave me a TD think about this…are you actually doing better now than you were four years ago. If not, STFU and STFD!

Kip Hooker

If General Peatreadish’s extramarital affair was a greater national security threat than Benghazi then surely the Clinton/Lewinsky affair was on par with the Cuban Missile Crises . . . which come to think of it was another fiasco brought about because of a President that was more interested in chasing skirts than he was in chasing away this nation’s enemies.

Not so silent

You have to remember who the media people represent, they are in the tank for Obama and like any good liberal, the male and femal parts are way more important that four dead people…..If liberals did not have a sex organ, half of their agenda would be gone.


It was a stupid question, no respect is due and there is no need to apologize for stating it. I mean come on… Seriously?


“I mean come on… Seriously?”

Oh that reporter was serious. These people actually believe an affair is more important than four dead Americans. They believe it, in this case, because they don’t like Patraeus, haven’t since the whole General Betray Us crap, see an accomplished military guy who is not a stupid liberal and hate him for it, were threatened by him a few years ago when his name was being thrown around for a GOP 2012 run, and now he may have damning testimony against their king.

The MSM is thrilled by this whole thing. It serves so many purposes for them. They will not stop, they will not relent. I hear NYC is having a massive lotion shortage because all the ‘journalist’ are buying it in bulk then spending every waking moment treating their bodies like it’s an amusement park because they are so excited over this.

Don’t be fooled though, this is not as big of a story as it’s being portrayed. A lot of powerful men have screwed around behind their wives backs throughout the course of history. I personally doubt he let any sensitive or secretive information that was vital to the security of our nation get into the hands of his mistress. They did an investigation, found that was the case, then closed it. They reopened it (if I understand this whole thing correctly) because the media caught wind of it. Now the media won’t stop until they have destroyed Patraeus and protected their deal leader.