California Democrats decline to endorse Feinstein. Yes ladies and gentlemen, California Democrats think the country needs more poop on the streets so they’re dumping DiFi and they’ll endorse Kevin “Ghost Gun” De Leon, who makes Feinstein look like a conservative.

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Not so silent

Kevin (insert false name here) Leon must be celebrating that he is going to be able to take his insane bullshit and illegal alien relatives to D.C. Maybe his relatives can mop floors or some shit….Notice a pattern here, Adam Shiff fer brains, Nancy Piglosi, Maxine Nutter-butter, all come from Kalifornia? Must be the Russian Flouride in the water..yea that’s it.


While I would like to see someone Republican unseat this worthless turd, I would rather work on helping Omar Navarro beat Mad Maxine Waters!


Let commiefornia burn!

Joe Redfield

Old, corrupt Progressive challenged by young, corrupt Progressive; the Senate won’t wind up looking much different, but it will be extremely amusing to watch these two disembowel each other for the next few months.


I bet she withdraws her claim to run again…… save face.