Cancun global warming delegates are freezing their culos off

by editor on December 8, 2010

Last year’s global warming conference in Copenhagen was hit by a huge blizzard, so the UN’s powers that be wised up and moved the conference to a tropical locale this year.

cancun heads in sand

Eco-wackos in Cancun bury their heads in the sand to avoid weather reports

Naturally, the Gore Effect strikes again.

Ice Age Now has the story of record low temperatures at the UN’s Mexican hideaway:

“With the UN Climate Change Conference underway in Cancun to discuss the dangers of Global Warming, the resort host location is experiencing its third straight day of record cold temperatures,” says reader Richard Nathan.

Today the mercury fell to 53F in Cancun. The record for this date – 57F – was set in 2000.

Yesterday, the temperature in Cancun fell to 53F, a new record, and on Dec 5th it fell to 51F, yet another new record.

When will the eco-wackos give up this absurd global warming scam? When Hell freezes over. Or maybe when Cancun freezes over. Whichever comes first.


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[…] overseas we get record cold and snow in the northern hemisphere, and even Cancun has freezing weather. And all the while the global elite try and their global warming gravy train try and ram […]


This record cold in Cancun is all easily explained. It is due to global warming. Also here in Minnesota, the ice on the lakes this year is a bit thinner right now than in some years in the past. This is either due to global warming or just maybe it has something to do with the fact that we have way more snow (which is an insulator) on the ground and lakes. Ah, I get it, the additional snow is due to global warming. Lets see, global warming causes greater cooling and this is due to the ah, wait I’m confused.


It is either global warming/climate change, or it’s Bush’s fault. Those are the 2 things that get blamed for everything that is bad.

Leevan Banzuelo

It even gets cold in asia.

Arn Riewe

There’s a funny follow up story at CFact drug out the old Penn & Teller bit about getting idiots to sign a petition to ban “dyhydrogen monoxide”, otherwise known as H2O. You guessed it… delegates at Cancun were lining up to sign that petition and another to destabilize the U.S. economy to reduce carbon emissions. If you can fool these people with an obvious scam, how much would it take them to believe anything about climate change.

Link here:


Thanks for the heads up Arn. Here’s those videos:


I might sound glib if I were to say that, every time these fools gather, God, in His mercy is trying to appeal to them that He is real and – alone – the only true God; He is the creator and in charge of all natural systems; that He formed the earth to be inhabited and man not be inhibited in its development (Genesis 1:28; Isaiah 45:18) so I won’t.

I am convinced none of these people believe this green gospel they are peddling – save the color of money! Also, word from the gathering today is that the American delegation has communicated the Obama Administration’s pledge to give the U.N. 1.5% of our GDP over the next several years.


Yes, that’s referred to as “the Al Gore effect.” Or, proof that hot air causes cooling.

LA Sunset

I am not a climatologist, nor do I play one on TV. But what I find utterly amazing is, every time they have held one of these farces, it gets cold. It gets cold where I live, gets cold where you all live…… gets cold everywhere.

Just for fun, let’s not have one next year.

I really hate the cold.


Record cold in Cancun, after a snowstorm in Copenhagen? God definitely has a sense of humor.