One of Obama’s radicals explains environmental justice and why he should be given a blank check

by editor on April 26, 2011

In case you don’t know who Cass Sunstein is, let us fill you in. He runs President Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Think of him as the Red Tape Czar. Obama and he go way back because Sunstein has taught at the University of Chicago Law School for 27 years. He’s one of the main radicals in an administration teeming with them.

In fact, what Sunstein does for Obama domestically, his wife, Samantha Power, does internationally. She’s a member of the National Security Council and is Senior Director the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights. She’s rumored to be in line to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

The bottom line: Sunstein and Power are two of the main drivers behind Obama’s radical agenda.

OK, enough background. Now let’s get to the video clip. Sunstein is testifying before the Senate and starts talking about environmental justice. (Question: Why does justice always appear to be the thing least desired by people who talk about it incessantly?)

Joe Lieberman treats him with complete respect and asks how costs and benefits are calculated. Sunstein throws out a lot of buzzwords and attempts to make it sound like costs and benefits are somehow scientifically determined.

Then Republican Senator Ben Johnson steps up to the plate and nails Sunstein’s complete line of bull.

“How does that create a burden of proof,” Johnson asks, “when it’s a loophole you can drive a truck through?”

In other words, Sunstein’s just making up shit up as he goes along.

Just once, just once we want to see a member of the House or Senate look one of these guys in the eyes and say, “I have no questions for you. You’re a freaking radical dedicated to destroying this country. I have no interest in wasting my time on you except to expose what you really are.”

Just once.

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Sunstein wants to ban hunting, take away your guns, and give your pets the right to sue you because you eat meat, although meat-eaters themselves, now they have a way to hire a f*ing lawyer and have someone that speaks chimp explain to a judge you have offended them and they demand reparations. How ’bout 6000 years of whitey’s boot on my neck. Poor dog. Shoulda shot the son of a bitch before he sued me for everything I own. Beck on Sunstein:
Sunstein’s wife wants to spend OUR money to arm Isreal’s enemies.
Why are these people in power? Because the rat bastard commie Obama hired them. Fire him, they go away.


Whenever I hear someone say “it is for the children” I cringe at what happened in the past; a group of people said that to God, and the next thing HE said was, ‘alright, the children get to go in but not you – in fact your going to die wishing you never said that’ (paraphrased)

These politicians should be working for the greater good: God and the Constitution first. If we keep that correct there will be no need to say “for the children” and that to ply on emotions to get a corrupt idea into play.

“For the children” is a lie, it is FOR the person saying “for the children” and the children are now going to get the tax-bill for that item. (and thier children et cetera)


Sunstein should be hung for treason. He is a bane on society and is a fool on a grand scale with delusions of granduer.


Yep, yep, yep, a bunch more high falootin talkity-speakin and razzle-ma-dazzlin, flippity-flopperin, gibber-jabberin, and phlunkity punkerin, thingamajiggidy jiggerin, an a whole lot more taxpayer initiativatin an we’ll get there sometime next decade, and you won’t have to worry about no truck drivin’ through no loophole neither!


What flim-flammin’, whoopty-jiggerin’, whackadoodle, yammerin’ xactly…sho nuff. And they can have my 4WD drive, gas-guzzlin’, child-flattenin’, smoke-spewin’, earth-shortenin’, temp-raising, SUV when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers

Buck O'Fama

Sunstroke and his frau Power-Hungry are doing for America what Bonnie and Clyde did for banking.


Is it just me, or is Mr Sunstein’s head actually rather pointy? He’s a nutcase from way back. I have to wonder if this kind of insanity is hereditary, or do people just get indoctrinated into it?

Jim Stewart

Cass Sunstein looks like the kind of person everyone would enjoy plastering in a paint ball fight. Then he opens his mouth and removes all doubt. I bet people on his own team would get him first.


Why do I have a feeling Cass Sunstein would be very comfortable having a major role in a Chinese style, heavy-handed, hardline aurthoritarian regime ruling over America?

What, stupid me! That’s what he’s trying to set up. Don’t blame me, Cass, don’t even blame Beck, blame whoever posted all of your comments online about what you really want to do to change the republic into a progressive/marxist/facist utopia.


Academia at its finest. Theories disguised as fact.


Whoa, that’s not “Ben” Johnson, that’s Senator Ron Johnson from WI – the one who put Feingold out to pasture. (or actually teaching at Marquette).

BTW, when will Lieberman go away?