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by editor on May 17, 2011

Some friends of ours (wink, wink) just started a new site called
Economic Collapse. They (wink, wink) would like to have you check it out and give your feedback.

They (wink, wink) are still working out the bugs and working on the design and just putting up a couple stories a day and it probably doesn’t look exactly like it will eventually look, but please do us a favor and check it out.

If you fear for the future, if you want to be prepared for the future, you might even become a regular reader.

They (wink, wink) would appreciate your thoughts.

And if you have a blog, they (wink, wink) would sure appreciate it if you would link to it.

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Very nice work, guys.. I’ve been poking around for 10 minutes on phone and I’m learning stuff already


Do you guys have a macro economics, bulge bracket finance or business leadership (that doesn’t depend on expanding credit and/or falling interest rates) background?

Seems to me that a lot of people have been saying much of this for years, mostly from the Mises school of thought but they’ve been crowded out by Jim Kramer and big-titted real estate agent types.

I’m curious if the proprietors of EC aren’t just people that were recently kicked off the credit gravy train.

Personally, I’m bitter (if you can’t tell) towards people with non-questioning intellects that made fortunes smiling and nodding to pimp houses via MS word form letter contracts that made millions while my hard-earned savings was dwindled to nothing.

Kip Hooker

I’ve been a fan of The Mises Institute for a few years now (lucky enough to have been introduced by a friend). I’m always amazed at the Austrian’s ability to predict “what nobody could have predicted” and the Keynesians never ending excuse of “we just didn’t spend enough fast enough”.


So, you like what I am wearing? Is that why your winking at me? LOL!

The Obumbly Obomster

New website? This is hardly new. I’ve been ECnet for months.


Who’s they (wink, wink)? 🙂


You should get that eye problem checked out.


*ahem* You might want to look at the “go to” link at the bottom. It is being routed to, a squatter’s site.


Crapola. Fixed it. Thanks. That’s what I get for posting up an article instead of Editor.


No problem 🙂 It happens to us all. And yes, the cookie monster is my brother. I try to stop his cookie dough addiction but it is to no avail…


As my brother got in ahead of me…Yes the link is misdirected…LOL


You guys have friends? Since when?