Chris Matthews reality alert: “Hey, you know what? I don’t think Democrats really want to stop illegal immigration”

by editor on December 31, 2010

Liberal Chris Matthews has jumped the liberal reservation again. He’s had a moment of clarity and now says he doesn’t trust Democrats to control illegal immigration.

Mediaite reports:

Declaring he doesn’t trust either party on the immigration issue, Matthews stated “Republicans are BS’ing the country” about any plan to deport all illegal immigrants out of the country, and much more surprisingly, he next targeted Democrats. Calling the Democrats “weak,” Matthews said Democrats won’t say “how they will stop illegal immigration . . . I don’t even think they want to stop it . . . they like it.” Watch out because no one is safe from Matthews, especially not Senator Harry Reid who also gets a special mention as someone who is not serious about doing anything about the illegal immigration problem.

Welcome to our world, Chris. We know you won’t stay long, but it’s always nice to have you visit.

A prediction: Sooner or later, Matthews will make one too many of these un-liberal comments and Olbermann will turn on him.

Can’t wait to see that cat fight.

H/T: Mediaite

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He’s stumbling. He usually doesn’t even get near that line, but when he does, it makes him nervous, and he stumbles across. If he ever makes it completely over, I’m sure we’ll throw him back, though.


When is this guy relevant?