Chris Matthews doesn’t like the way Texas Governor Rick Perry uses his hands. No, really.

by editor on June 22, 2011

The idea tank is running on empty over at MSNBC. Chris Matthews is out of reasons to badmouth conservatives. He’s used stupid and evil and racist and sexist, so now he’s forced to get a bit more creative in his criticism.

That being said, “He makes funny hand motions” seems pretty weak.

C’mon, Chris, you didn’t have any problem with the way Anthony Weiner used his hands.


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I think everyone at MSNBC says such things with a smirk, since they all know about the rumors that have floated around about Perry for years; call them decent for not breathing a word of what everyone in Texas already knows. If he runs for president, look for these rumors to get some confirmation if he gets close to the nomination (I don’t believe he will get close, so his secret will remain inviolate). US Rep. Aaron Shock of Illinois’ 8th has a similar secret (I know someone who knows…), but other than his Men’s Health photo spreads he’s an unknown back-bencher and has the common sense to remain such.


Uhm… what in the world are you speaking off :-/?


Who cares what the scissor lipped albino likes or doesn’t like?


Maybe Humpty/Dumpty headed Matthews should look at Rachel Maddows annoying hands .Every time she moves them she is lying.


Humpty-Dumpty was pushed. A young Chrissie was jealous of all the attention a know-nothing egghead from the boonies was getting from the peasants during a carriage tour of the realm. I was there, grazing horses on the knoll and saw it, I swear. Kinda like deja vu all over again.

I farted and my face blew up
I farted and my face blew up

Ahhh yes Chris Matthews dean of the village morons…..he needs to check his facts because Gov Perry was using his left hand to gesture “the far left”

Chris he had the correct hand out there…you didn’t, you pompous ass


To his credit, I kind of agree with Chrissie regarding the forced nature of Governor Perry’s gestures and body language, sort of like he’s trying to convince real conservatives of his “true blue” conservative bone fides. I dislike Chris Matthews intensely, but I give him a shred of credit here. Sometimes, people who don’t share your social/political/religious views can bring a less myopic vision into day-to-day things simply because they see the world differently. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily see that as a good thing, I’m just saying that’s it is different! We have several Republican Party darlings running for president, the three I know not to be RINO’s or wacko’s are Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum. These are the real conservatives who have a chance of turning things around, the others are just lip gloss!


i agree.. he’s calling him out as a fake. The gestures are overdone and awkward, much like Romney’s humor. I’m becoming more aware of this as I hear more of what Texans have to say about the guy

I don’t agree with everything Cain and Bachmann say, but at least they are genuine. So is Ron Paul. Santorum doesn’t strike me as smart enough to go the distance

Not so silent

There is a hand guesture I give Tingly when I see him on TV..

The Dogfather

I feel like a Dilbert character…”Must control fist of death” to keep from punching out my monitor every time I see this slack-minded piece of fluff on the screen.

Chris Matthews is asking if people “buy this stuff?” Who are you asking douchebag? Wouldn’t it be quicker just to call all 12 of your viewers and ask them?

It’s even better because it coming from a guy who gets all “tingly” watching an emotionless drone read from a teleprompter…


*sniff* I smell desperation and insanity. *sighs* Sad…


Hand jive….hand jive…hand jive..doin’ that crazy hand jive.


Yes Chris. People are buying this stuff.
It’ you they’re no buying


If Gov Perry were giving away 1000 bills, Matthews would not like him. He has some good ideas and is true threat to be running against his idol barry.

Yes many supported Al Snore Gore in 88 until he showed his true colors.


I wonder if Chris ever had a tingle in his leg because of the way Barry used his hands. You know the way Barry has that tight grip around his beer drafts and such.

Just wondering.

Buck O'Fama

Chris doesn’t feel the same tingle in his “leg” when he watches Perry. Chris, try putting your hands back in your pockets and playin’ some handball or pocket pool like you do when you watch Obama.

LA Sunset

Most people don’t like the way Matthews uses his mouth.


The sad thing is that Matthews is the most reasonable of the on air talant at MSNBC.


Yeah, now that queef oldermann is gorin it.


When Obama is reading the teleprompter, Matthews is making funny mouth motions.