Extreme cold keeps British global warming expedition from reaching North Pole

by editor on May 18, 2009

Larry, Moe and Curly of the Catlin Arctic Survey

Larry, Moe and Curly of the Catlin Arctic Survey

We’re sad to report that the trio of British ecological explorers who’ve been trying to reach the North Pole had to give up their global warming expedition because – are you ready? – it was too cold.

The Catlin Arctic Survey team had to be rescued this week after finishing less than half their trek. In fact, they fell short by more than 300 miles.

WattsUpWithThat.com summarizes the hilarious results:

  • Due to horrifically cold weather, hypothermia and frostbite, they made it less than half way to the pole.
  • Some of the distance they did travel was due to polar drift. They reported crossing the 85th parallel “in their sleep.”
  • They started on ice which was already known to be first year ice, yet were “surprised” to find that it was first year ice.
  • They stayed on first year ice for most of the truncated journey.
  • Their ice measurements tell us that the first year ice this year is fairly thick.
  • Their ice measurements tell us very little or about the thickness or “health” of multi-year ice.
  • They will no doubt get an invite to St. James Palace for tea with Prince Charles.

We feel confident predicting that the team’s final report will blame the extremely cold conditions on global warming.

Source: WattsUpWithThat.com

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It doesn’t get any better than this. Real life showing idiot liberals just how stupid they are. Where was the “evil Al-Gore?”

Dee Mac

Too bad they were not encased in “First year ice”! At least they would have been taken out of circulation for a couple of decades. Three down and ????? to go!


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Doug, you are a hoot. LOL LOL .
It worries me that science is overreaching on this theory. Usually science is such a careful, dare I say it? -conservative discipline. Look how long it took for continental drift to become an accepted theory (Plate Tectonics) or the theropod dinosaur theory of bird evolution … It took 70 years, nearly (1912- 1970) for the first one to be proved without a doubt.. (though it had been an idea bounced back and forth since the 1500s) and the last is debated some, still, though most Paleontologists seem to accept it (at least the ones I read!) – and that debate has been going on a good long time. Neither of those theories had lives hanging in the balance. Civilization isn’t going to be destroyed if we don’t believe in avian evolution-theropod ancestry. Anything we do to prevent Global climate (cooling) change could be the wrong thing to do & if we are wrong.. doesn’t that scare scientists, some?
Lets say they are wrong … and, we do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.. and, we cause an opposite effect. Science causes world wide disasters. Lovely, that is going to look on their resumes.
Shouldn’t we proceed with care and not assume we are right just because the computer simulations say so?
I need two lifetimes to write about all the crazy ideas that come spinning out of my mind.. I think I’ll go wash dishes, now.