Congratulations! You just won a Nobel Peace Prize

by editor on October 22, 2009


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Josh Miller

You know what, they should give him an Oscar for his performance during his campaign!

It would be more appropriate.


I am tired of the Peace Prize… I have been given three this week.

One was unlocked as an Achievement on Xbox Live, the second came to me after I ‘fostered international cooperation’ by recommending to a pal that he look a nudie mag from Europe and not just our homegrown smut and thanks to the ongoing promotion when you get two Nobel Peace Prizes you get a third free!

Every one I have been given is each about 10,000 times more legitimate then the one given to that poser Obama. I had to work a full two weeks to earn my first one- not like that slacker who got his for a mere 12 days of phoning it in!

I have a coupon I got in the mail for a fourth Peace Prize. I am vacillating if I should go and redeem that offer. I have to pay $4.95 Shipping and Processing for it so I do not know if I will accept a fourth one…


Amen Josh. I’ve been having a crap day, but yes, I did laugh out loud. This is going to be my new screensaver

Paul Sorene

It’s all kicking off in London – live telly tonight has the Nazis on the BBC – they’re gonna rush the stage…

We’re there – in pictures…

Pat from Michigan

I got mine at Starbucks after buying 5 pumpkin spice latte’s & 2 scones.

Josh Miller

I don’t LOL that much but that made me LOL.

rob giger

I got mine from a bok of cocoa pebbles. the cereal had more meaning.