The ugly truth: Conservative women versus liberal women

by editor on April 13, 2010

Mark Twain said, “All generalizations are false, including this one.”

Maybe so, but it’s tough to disagree with this video.

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Very good.
You forgot Pamela Geller though.


LOL that was funny. I dont want to generalize for sure, but you cannot escape the fact that a lot of liberal women are not that great to look at I would even dare say the same for a lot of lib men. I agree with idaho2run I think a lot of it is what is inside of them. Many religions believe that beauty starts on the inside and it is what is inside that will show itself outwardly. I believe that. Nurturing goodness inside can have an effect on what the outside looks like or how people look at you. Although I am sure that there are a lot of conservative women who may not be pretty, even so I will dare say that there may have something within them that surpasses the exterior nevertheless and causes people to be attracted to them. A pretty woman who is a dumb, or a whore, or a socialist or a feminist idiot will not win any points in the long run.


HA HA HA! Too true! Not only are many on the left ugly on the outside, they are just as ugly on the inside with their intolerance and hate.
First part I liked, second part made me lose the desire to eat today.


Ann Coulter’s face makes me lose the desire to eat more. So it’s bullshit.


Rosie al-hacksheed-mala-conten-twana. That was some good PS work there. Still tho, I’m sprinting to the terlet for a quick toss….

Dee Mac

Ouch, my eyes! The Hubs sure enjoyed the first part.


I’ve seen only a couple of lib women worth looking at, like say Kirsten Powers, most others can force a train to take a dirt road.

Conservative women on the other hand, usually hotter. SE Cupp, Ann Coulter, & Monica Crowley are much hotter then your standard issue run of the mill lib women.


Megyn Kelly. Smokin hot! And I usually don’t go for blondes.


I will be the very un-P.C. person and state the obvious.
90% of the women on the left are bull-dykes, so they are naturally
manly, have mustaches and testicles. There are very few really gorgeous
lesbians. Very few. In Hollywood-they are just bi-cause it is “cool” otherwise they just don’t exist. The list that CO2Insanity rattled off-All lesbians-add Oprah to that list-and you have the whole of the “influential” women of the left-all of whom can be found in west hollywood when on vacation, or the village, or in lincoln square(chicago).

John Studd

I will be the very un-PC person and state the obvious: Mann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann are hideous A-cup, boner-shrinker, zombie skanks. Having said that, it’s important to note that all of these hermaphrodites are not schlong-sucking airport fags like Larry Craig or pedophiles like Foley. Nor have they lost their cajones like cry-babies Vitter and Sanford. Nor are they oxy-contin infested limpets like Limbuagh.

On the other side of the ledger, you have Jack Kennedy, Gary Hart, Spitzer, and Clinton…these are real men, with razor sharp cheating/denial skills, rammin’ the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Donna Rice (love it!!), the smokin’ hot Ashley Dupre and, in the ultimate case of Clinton, stuffin’ Monica’s humidor with cuban stogies, while makin’ Ernesto Zadillo and Yassar Arafat cool their hurraches/moccasins in the outer office.
Those leftist women are butt-ugly, sure. However, unlike Phil Gingrey and poor Tom Coburn, they don’t have their butt-ugly faces buried in the keisters of Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes.

However, there is one conservative hottie I do adore: Bristol Palin. Her pregnant, mammoth mammaries were a sight to behold. Seems like family values hockey-mom Sarah allowed hockey-dude Levi to work his way into the slot and fire a point-blank slap-shot into the waiting goal-crease of 16-year old Bristol, in Sarah’s own pad!…not very good goalie work! (All in honor of the upcoming NHL playoffs!).


Pedro Borbon:”Mann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Michele Bachmann are hideous … hermaphrodites”

Mitch Hoops, why did you change from Pedro Borbon, the old Reds pitcher?


Nancy Pelosi’s daughters are hot. Sarah Palin’s are not.

Megyn Kelly

nancy pelosi is a true beast… No man, irrespective of age, could possibly get drunk enough to find her in any way appealing in a sexual sense. Plus, she’s got loose lips (LOL) and defines the term skank for all age groups. Gotta be some better trim down at the cemetary/House than this yeast infection


You’re either joking or brain dead.


But what about those Democrat beauties like Hillary, Maddow, Eleanor Roosevelt, Janet Reno, Janet Napilitano?….ummmm sorry I have to rush the the bathroom and vomit, I made myself sick thinking about this.


America, the beautiful………