Court Forces Seattle to Reveal Major ‘Gun Tax’ Shortfall. They estimated they’d take in $300,000 t0 $500,000. They took in $103,766.22. Figure the cost to the city of administering all of this plus the $35,000 in legal fees they have to cough up and maybe they netted $1.98. Liberals think everyone is as stupid as they are. We’d surmise most people went outside of the Seattle city limits to buy guns.

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Personally, I would leave the state to purchase a gun, and then stay where I found a better atmosphere of freedom.

Not so silent

Seattle-“Stupid Personified”. New city slogan..

Dave K

Progressives are nothing more than commies with regional American accents.

Joe Redfield

If the city of Seattle were to tax Progressive self-righteousness they could drop all of their other taxes.