David Gergen gets a civics lesson from Republican senate candidate Scott Brown

by editor on January 14, 2010

Civics. Yeah, that’s what they used to call it. Now they call it a course they don’t offer anymore.

Scott Brown is the Massachusetts Republican who looks like he may, maybe, might, could possibly pull off an upset in next Tuesday’s election to replace Teddy Kennedy in the Senate.

If you listen closely you can hear liberal heads exploding in the background as Scott Brown explains how politics is supposed to work.

Gergen later admitted that he “got stuffed” by Brown, which immediately caught the attention of Barney Frank. Frank was reportedly disconsolate to learn that it was sports terminology.

Let’s hope that the people of Massachusetts, who have routinely returned the likes of Ted Kennedy and Franks to office, get it right this time.

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Was David Gergen supposed to be moderating a debate? Because it sure sounded like he was participating in it instead. But that’s OK when liberals do it. They don’t need to be impartial and fair; after all, who could possibly disagree with their viewpoint, and might makes right. Right?

That’s the liberal mindset: it’s okay for them to do whatever they want, because after all, no sane person could possibly disagree with them. So they talk as if they’re all for liberty and open-mindedness, but in practice they’re the first ones to discriminate and then be shocked when anyone calls them on it.


Yep to all of that.

At first I did think he was part of the debate myself.


Good luck Scott Brown. Voters in Massachusetts PLEASE take pictures and video at the polls of any form of voter abuse or intimidation, the goons and thugs are on their way. We know how they roll now.



He went there… with the truth. Ted Kennedy is sadly dead and it is not a party seat it is a seat that belongs to the people of Massachusetts and I do hope they get it right. If anything I doubt it just because I lived there and it sucks…