Dem: Congress Should ‘Educate’ The Rest Of America On Importance Of ‘Sacred’ DC. This Democrat dufus must think he’s some sort of tin god.

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DC is sacred ground, if you’re a Devil worshiper!


I think he meant scared, Being from the great state of (and intoxicated now Lent is over) Louisiana, I know it takes a while to drain a swamp and get rid of the bloodsucking vermin


Oh no…”MY Congressman” made it to IHTM. Ack.. He’s a MUCH bigger moron than he appears here…
Would love to get him out of there, but my vote just doesn’t seem to carry it off…


How stupid they are? Want to educate US??? What elitist wankers!


Just more proof Dems want government to be our god.


Washington DC & the surrounding area is perhaps the most offensive creation this nation has to offer. 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties are in that area, & they create jack shit. They take from the people, screw them at gunpoint, & can’t figure out why we bitch about it. These are also the people who do not understand why the founders didn’t want politics to be a career option. Part of why we are too willing to accept it, is do to our lack of education when it comes to civics. We teach our kids how to be politically active, but rarely teach them what our political system is supposed to be. It is borderline criminal.


Pretty soon bitches in government are going to want us to start worshiping them along side the Earth in clear violation of Constitution. Gross.


Hence the invention of “tar and feathers”. If you kill them you make the martyrs, humiliate them and you destroy them politically.

Joe Redfield

“Sacred ground’? Oh, please.
Progressives are always willing to ‘educate’ the rest of us about how wonderful the Federal Leviathan is.

Not so silent

Protecting his own ass and his money. I wish D.C. would disappear into a sink hole and we could start over. This arrogant asshole thinks D.C. is sacred? It’s a crime ridden shithole run by morons. Hell Chitcago is just as ‘sacred”, so is L.A.

I wish someone had the balls to look this prick in the face and tell him he is a complete and utter asshole and he is not important to us at all. If he drove his car into the river and drowned would I miss him? Not one iota.

D.C. sacred? Largest load of bullshit I have heard since Anthony Wiener said his twitter account was hacked.

This guy needs to see a shrink and soon…My sincere wish is he gets hit by a drunk driver who is an illegal alien.

And that photo makes him look like the pivot man in a circle jerk, which he probably is.


If he drove his car into the Potomac or the Anacostia the only thing it would do is add to the pollution that is already floating in them from the “elites” in DC aka dip shits