Dems now want accused groper Al Franken back. Evidently Franken hasn’t reached his groping quota yet.

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Big surprise now that Moore lost. That’s probably why he’s delayed his resignation. No longer needed to fall on the sword for the party.

Racer X

I want to see him go since he’s such a giant douche-bag, but at the same time, it’ll be fun to watch the Dem’s give up their mantle of “we cleaned our house of predators” and instead they can remain the party of Franken and Clinton.

Joe Redfield

So I guess Franken was colluding with the Jones Senate campaign in Alabama all along, and never had any intention of resigning. Minnesota women will now have to go back to protecting their bottoms at the State Fair.

Not so silent

When he didn’t leave you knew this was coming. I say let him stay, surgically castrate him and sew his mouth shut first.