Disney accused of racism for demonstrating that they’re not racist

by editor on April 27, 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0j7EactM9s Damn those racists at Disney. They’ve produced a new animated movie called “The Princess and the Frog.” The lead character is a black princess named Tiana.

Race baiting critics did what they always do – they accused the studio of racial insensitivity.

So Disney did what American business always does – they caved in and made changes to the cartoon. But you can never do enough for the race baiters. Never.

Here’s how Fox News reports the story:

Disney has already changed the profession of the princess (an aspiring restaurant entrepreneur instead of a chambermaid) and name (Tiana instead of Maddy, which critics thought was too similar to “Mammy,” a once-common term for black female slaves in white households).

The Fox story continued:

The controversy has intensified after it was revealed that the film would be set in New Orleans and that Tiana would find love with a white prince — well, almost. His skin has been described as olive-toned and he will be voiced by Bruno Campos, a Brazilian actor.

“What? No black prince? What’s up with this?” blogged James Collier on Acting White, an anti-racism Web site, in a posting typical of the general disbelief among the film’s most vocal black critics. “Perhaps Disney doesn’t want the future mothers of dwindling white America being imprinted so early in their lives with the notion of a black suitor.”

Another blogger, Angela Helm, attracted nearly 3,000 comments on the Black Voices Web site when she complained that “even though there is a real-life black man in the highest office in the land with a black wife, Disney obviously doesn’t think a black man is worthy of the title of prince.”

What is wrong with those people at Disney? It’s obviously the worst sort of racism to show love between races. Everyone knows that black people can only love black people and white people can only love white people. And now we find out that black cartoons can only love black cartoons.

And that means “The Princess and the Frog” isn’t really a cartoon, it’s a caricature.

Source: Fox News

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As much as I agree with some of the past disney racism accusations… accusing this one of racism for the reasons listed is a thinly veiled attempt at continuing racial hatred rather than promoting the idea of inter-racial unity. I think we need to let the de facto nature of humanity take it’s course. Race wont be an issue if we just leave everyone to choose where they want to be. It worked back in the early 1900s.

And to Kimmy Queen, I have four words… Swan Princess was white. Not that it entirely defeats your argument about the black chick being a frog for most of the movie buuut…. it sorta does when the white chick was a swan for just as long.

When you find racism in these ways, you’re looking too hard.

In fact, any time you find racism in media, you’re looking too hard. Stop focusing on it and let people interact and experience other races and form their own opinions. There are stereotypes that hold true of every race and racism against every race from every race. It’s just human nature. Strive for enlightenment and stop letting such vain things as color separate us.


Okay… This is ridiculous…

My one and only two complains about the movie was that it was heavy on the voodoo which I found unfortunate because I have been alive long enough to be asked if I am into rastafarism or into voodoo (are you from Haiti?) or do I speak in tongues… questions that obviously would not be asked of me if I wasn’t black… The second complaint that after waiting so long for a black princess I have to sit and watch the movie and pretty much see the princess be a frog for more than half of it. *sighs* I get that Fiona was an ogre for all of the sequels to Shrek (being human in the most part of the first movie) but Shrek if anything makes mockery of Disney movies.

Going back… all of the Disney Princesses have been themselves (either poor or rich) why can’t the black girl NOT be a frog? or at least let her not be a frog for MOST OF THE MOVIE…?

*sighs* With that said her being in love with the Prince and him being olive toned and whatever.. She falls in love with him as a frog… they are both frogs when they fall in love she meets him when he is a frog… So that whole thing doesnt matter. So okay it would be nice if the man was OBVIOUSLY and absolutely black as well as the man that voices him (which of course he isnt), but that is not important… Like it is said in the article love can and should transcend anything especially the physical which the movie does explore by having her care for him even though she has only seen him as a frog.

Her being a chambermaid and then ends up with a prince have I heard this before…? Oh yeah Cinderella… Where are the outcriess of racism against white blond girls who are servants…? wow the stupidity…

Nick COTTON xxxx i luv u
Nick COTTON xxxx i luv u

dick heads


wtf this is stupid first critics say that they are racist coz they put white people on now they are racist for putting black people on and olive people on


Wikipedia has this to say about racial discrimination: “Racial discrimination typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people, even though anybody can be racialised, independently of their somatic differences.” I know words such as “taxonomic” and “somatic” are big words to some people so I will condense it for those whose largest word in their stunted lexicon is “racist”: A racist does not necessarily care about what you think or believe or how you act in relation to other races. It’s mainly how you look. Further, racists deny their racism and attempt to project it upon whoever displeases them in any way. This behavior is enabled by the Demagogue Party (formally known as the Democrat Party) by attempting to redefine racism to include anyone with an ideology that deviates from theirs.


You complain and complain that disney is racist but did you even say thank you for making the main character a black woman? Heyy look now your little daughters can grow up to be princess’s with a black princess role model. Why so intitled to want everything in the world black? Would that not any leave room for anyone else?


your a butthole. you are just as racist as the people you are talking about.


Who is you?

Also think about this for a minute. In a movie about an African Lion and a stranded white baby in the Jungle (Tarzan) the Disney animators couldnt quite come up with good looking black people. Why? It is weird. Perhaps they werent up to the task, and they still aren’t because most of the main animators for The Princess and The Frog are African Americans.

With that said why should I be thankful that it took over 60 years for Disney to wise up? Again with that said it is cool that they did, but still the movie itself is not devoid of issues. For example why go with Louisiana when New York City Harlem (during the same time frame) would have been just as good? Why make her a frog for the longest running time in the movie? With that said it is cool there is a black princess and all no doubt about it, but think about what your saying.

Why are you generalizing so? Wanting something that took so long to be just right is not a crime nor racists, but there are going to be people like the idiots framed above who do take it to the extreme for no good reason.


Fact: Blacks are the biggest racists of them all.


Fact: You are a moron.

I can easily say that all people named Veronica are whorey bitches but I dont because I cannot know that ALL Veronicas are whorey bitches and because generalizing in that fashion is a serious mark of an unintelligent person.


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I’m confused… the princess and the frog and they are worried about skin color? Black frogs?
The original story was that a human girl (rank doesn’t really matter that much) was walking near a pool of water. She meets a frog. They talk, they fall in love. He is a prince who was cursed. All she has to do is kiss him and he transforms back into a prince and rides off with the maiden back to his castle. The point of the fairy tale is that a girl should look beyond appearances. –under the dirt and dust of everyday life a lovely soul and person (Prince) might be waiting. (kind of fitting for me. My honey was a shipyard worker the day we met – a sheet metal worker none the less!)
And what is wrong with being a maid? I was a maid as a teen-ager. Nothing demeaning about it, it is an honorable job.
And, come to think about it … my skin is olive in color -olive is a very nice color for anyone. (-:
The entire point of the original story is that isn’t the exterior of a person or frog that matters. Appearances matter not. Color, shape, all that nonsense is of no importance. What matters is the quality of a person’s soul – his character and inner goodness – you may find a prince who is a frog – or a frog who is a prince.. how many times have we heard that the beautiful actor is actually a wife abuser? or that the ship yard worker is the prince among men? (-;


Great point Kathy