Ed “Come right back after these commercials and we’ll apologize for calling Republicans bastards” Schultz

by editor on January 12, 2011

The always classy Ed Schultz called Republicans “bastards who want to destroy the American dream” on his Wednesday night MSNBC show.

Schultz: It’s all about takin’ down President Obama. They don’t want to create jobs. They’re not about that at all. And I’ll guarantee you, if you do see the numbers change, which I believe they will, you won’t hear Boehner or any of these new righties give one ounce of credit to the last Congress for fightin’ like hell for a jobs bill. This is an ideological war. I say it on camera tonight here on MSNBC. I will fight these bastards every night at 6 o’clock because I know what they’re up against. I know what they want to do. They want to take down American workers. They want to outsource jobs. They want to destroy the American dream. Concentrate the wealth to the top, and control minorities. That’s what they’re about.

Schultz’ keepers in the control room must have whispered in his earpiece, because after interviewing Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wa.) Ed came back and apologized. You know someone whispered in his ear, because Ed insisted that’s what hadn’t happened.

Schultz: It is going to be a very passionate fight, and I just, no I haven’t had anybody in my earpiece since I started tonight, and management’s not saying I’m over the top. I just referred to the Republicans as a term I probably shouldn’t have used, but, I know what, they just infuriate me. I don’t think they’re honest brokers. I think they’re out to destroy unions. I think they’re out to destroy the working folk of America. I think they have nothing on the table for middle-class, the middle-class Americans out there who haven’t had the breaks that the top two percent has had. So, if I offended some of you by that term I used a few moments ago, I apologize. Maybe I’ve had too much TV.

Hmmmm. “Maybe I’ve had too much TV.” Same reaction we have on those nights we watch MSNBC.

H/T: NewsBusters.org

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Ed who?
Put him in a man-dress, give him a beard, cover his head, and dub in arabic.
I can see the resemblance now.
The only incessant hateful speech I see comes from the foaming at the mouth libtards.


I’m inclined to believe that these libtard dickheads, (Shultz, Olbermann, Malloy, et. al.), think that the hate and vitriol is what makes the conservative talk show hosts, (Rush, Mark, Sean, Michael, et. al.), so successful. They fail to realise that an audience has to feel a connection and bond with the host. I don’t know that many crabby people that are conservatives or otherwise rational…surely not enough to suppot the huge ratings these conservative talk show guys enjoy. There must be a lot more to their success than just having their index fingers shoved up their butts.


hisham, who the hell wants to listen to people who are that angry all the time? Not me, & not too many others. I also don’t like angry music, & as a metalhead, from a technical standpoint, bands like Rage Against The Machine & System Of A Down are really good, but they are just way too politcal & angry(they are hard leftists)for me to give a crap about. I don’t buy their stuff, nor do I go to their gigs. Life is too short to be that bitter, & to waste my leisure time listening to angry music is a non sequitur.


I agree…

matthew s harrison

Am I the only one who finds it kind of disturbing that this is the asshat who days ago said it was the angry, violent political rhetoric that led Loughner to murder a bunch of people-and now he is on air saying he is going to “fight these bastards every night”?
Do these nutcases even realize how funny they are? What a douche. What an utter douche.


Ed is 1 of the 3 political talkers with the most violent & explosive tempers.
My list is as follows…

3.Keith Olbermann
2.Ed Schultz
1.Mike Malloy

…as hard as it is to believe, Malloy is way nuttier then Schultz or Olby. But he’s not on TV, so almost nobody knows he he is.


Well, the only thing that is positive about these little angry men on TV, is that they aren’t working at the Post Office.


What about the dickweed Ratigan? Slimy greaseball second rate poop stain blows his top all the time. Well, at least the only times I’ve ever seen him. I don’t ‘watch’ TV. I hate the media – especially CNN and MSNBC – so I don’t watch much, but he gets served up frequently as fodder for us right wing conspirators to blast libs with their own chamber potfuls!


As bad as Ratigan can be, he’s not even on the 1st team. He needs to up his game & by upping his hate.


A pathetic attempt at keeping his 12 listeners (10 Conservatives listening to see what kind of idiocy they’ll have to fend off, and 2 reporters looking to save themselves the trouble of writing their own copy) going past the break.

Not an intellectual high point for a man whose sole claim to fame is that he’s “the one that mommy didn’t abort.”


A retard calling me a bastard is something i can live with

The Obumbly Obomster

YOU CAN’T USE THOSE WORDS!!!!! THEY AREN’T POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!! It’s “mentally challenged” or “slow”.


Totally agree. Being called a bastard by a retard is like hitting me with a piece a paper.


This is a list of Schultz’s sponsors. I plan to contact them this week and advise them as long as they sponsor Schultz I will not consider buying their products or services, nor watch or listen to any station that carries him. Further I will encourage my friends and family do the same.

ANGIE’S LIST angieslist.com 18888885748

ITM TRADING INC. http://www.itmtrading.com/free_gold_i...
phone 1-888-696-4653

CARBONITE http://www.carbonite.com

ODNEY http://www.odney.com/

USA COFFEE http://www.usacoffeecompany.com 9549818310

LIVING LITE http://www.livingliteathome.com 8772061332

The answer to the question of “why is he still on the air” is because he still has sponsors. We can do something about that, we need to do something about that.
I know this is what I plan to do


the funny thing is that i use none of those things… maybe the odney media thing i have to research that but thanks for the links I think it is a good idea.


Carbonite also sponsors Beck, so I wouldn’t be so fast to condem. Sounds like they are covering themselves by offering support to both sides. And I can live with that.


oh wow you are right i do remember carbonite from Beck’s website… inbnteresting they are playing on both sides of the fence i hdont blame them for that either.


At the end of the day, nobody cares what this slob say, & the ratings point to that. He can yell & turn his face red all he wants, he does’nt matter. But he won’t get that until he gets the axe. His national career is just awaiting exicution, all that’s left is for his bosses to look at the numbers & say enough. What I will add is this, he won’t go away quietly, he will be dragged kicking & screaming, & I can’t wait.


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