Even Vox Concedes Universal Background Checks Don’t Work. Congressional Democrats have yet another logic fail. They actually think criminals purchase guns legitimately.

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They don’t work. It does nothing to address the problem of criminals with guns, and if you notice every nut case mass shooter is liberal and the last couple were Trump Haters. Maybe just ban democrats from gun ownership would be a start.

Seriously, Having been in law enforcement for decades, the more legal blocks you throw up to legal gun owners is only aimed at taking the good guys guns away, Hell in Kalifornia a gun CRIME is now a misdemeanor when you rob somebody, but if your a legal gun owner, any breaking of the rules is a FELONY…There is now way to explain it except that Demotards DO NOT give a rats ass about criminals, they just want to make it soooo tough to get a gun or ammo that legal gun owners will give it. Every year Kalifornia tries to F*ck with gun owners, and every year the industry finds away around it. Stupid games played by really stupid politicians…


As we both know, a criminal cares nothing about what law they break. Including gun laws. The only place that a gun law worked was in Va when there was a penalty tacked on for committing a crime with a gun. In Va, there is no probation either. You WILL do 85% of your time with out any questions. Guess what, the recidivism rate took a nose dive as well.