First Obama lost Massachusetts, now he may lose France

by editor on January 25, 2010

Former BAFs (Best Amis Forever) in happier times

Despite CNN’s non-stop coverage of the continued horror in Haiti, the left wing network found time to ask this burning question, “Has Obama lost France as an ally?”

According to CNN, “President Nicolas Sarkozy called the new president ‘my buddy’ and tried urgently to be the first world leader to meet with him…” but “…after a year in office, France’s honeymoon with Obama seems clearly over.”

In case you’re wondering how anyone could dislike the Greatest President In History, especially since the left is constantly reminding us of how much the world loves us now that The One has come, the article gives at least three reasons:

1. “First there were published reports that Sarkozy didn’t think Obama knew his briefing books during the G-20 economic summit.”
2. “Then came widespread sniping along official corridors here that Obama was not measuring up when dealing with world leaders, like Russia’s Dimitri Medvedev.”
3. “And then members of Sarkozy’s government openly complained about how long it was taking Obama to make up his mind about Afghanistan.”

But just to make sure that we know who is really to blame, CNN asks the penetrating question, “So one year on, has President Obama, like his predecessor George W. Bush, lost France as an ally?”

Damn that George Bush. He probably caused the loss in Massachusetts, too.

Source: CNN

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Wait since when did Bush lose France as an ally?

Perhaps over the other ass relations were not necessarily sunny but he didnt lose France as an ally and when Sarkozy took over US Franco relations vastly improved…

Some people talking out of their ass again…


KQ, here’s the poop, for all of the hate Bush43 got internationally, even in those in nations that require America military power to defend them, they knew he would have their back. Ask those from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, & many other euro nations, like knowing the US is there. It’s the old communist blok gets it, the classic EU does not, UK excluded. It is dawning on some in Europe that despite how excited they were about Obama, they now see he won’t have their back if it hits the fan.

This has been a problem with very liberal Presidents, ask Iranians who are old enough to remember 1978-79. I have, many of them left Iran back then, & they are not happy with what Iran has turned into. No love for Carter there, & Obama is looking as bad, or worse. Israel get it as well, since they are under constant threat from it’s enemies, most of which are our enemies too.


Yep again and again even with people that hated him BUT have a decent rational mind know that he was somebody they could trust. If he said it will snow tomorrow you could trust that it will snow tomorrow. Most European perhaps love to hate the US and Bush in particular because it is/was the chic thing to do. It is easy to hate on the big guy. Regardless of his quirks, Bush was either truly feared or respected.

No one can fear nor respect Obamie at least not at the same rate as people did Bush and no one can trust him. The fears we get is because of his attempts at destroying the constitution and the country, but no terrorist country or organization fears him. Few months into office he was putting even his grandmother under the bus. People need to wake the heck up.