Florida Democratic Party chairman apologizes for ‘demeaning’ behavior toward multiple women. Looks like we have another winner. Stephen Bittel

Follow Up: Florida Democratic Party chairman Stephen Bittel resigns over creepinessWell that didn’t take very long.

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We have another Weiner!


It is very interesting of this bomerang, aimed at the Republican Party, has come back with a vengeance on Democrats.

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

“Breast shaped stress balls”? Why have I never heard of these before?


I’m not sure breast shaped stress balls would calm me down.


Yep, and they’ve got them in testicle shapes for Antifa guys. https://www.amazon.com/Boobs-Stress-Balls-Set-squeezing/dp/B000FBWI4K

Not so silent
Not so silent

Time for a new game..Find the democrat who has not cheated, lied, fondled, raped, stolen, conspired, committed treason, took bribes, paid off someone, had someone disappeared, sold out to a union, taken illegal campaign money,Blamed republicans, acted batshit crazy, molested, lied to the media,blamed the victim, used their position to get rich (7 of the top ten richest senators are democrats) paid off a judge or court, used children and minorities as props during a campaign, voted for free shit, parked illegally, used their power to get out of trouble, visited pedi island, drove drunk and killed someone, got a B.J. in the white house, used campaign funds to pay a relative, took payoffs from large liberal corporations, got a stash of dirty cash from Soros, violated every rule of their office, worship at the alter of climate change, tell little people what is good for them, voted to fund killing babies, actually paid taxes, and hate the U.S.A.

I doubt if there is such an animal, if so I will start to believe in real unicorns.

The swamp doesn’t need to be drained, it needs napalm and nukes.