Fox gets biggest ratings win ever. Thanks, American Idol. Thanks, NFL.

by editor on February 5, 2010

They told Rupert Murdoch he was crazy for starting a new TV network. They told him he was crazy for trying to compete with CNN. Looks like the wily Australian American has the last laugh once again.

Last week it was reported that his cable news network was the highest rated in the country. This week his TV network absolutely crushed the other broadcast networks. reports the remarkable ratings:

Start with the second most highly viewed NFC Championship game in history, add an American Idol show holding steady from last season, and you’ve got the recipe for an epic broadcast primetime ratings beatdown by Fox. The rest of the broadcast competition could only stand by as they got steamrolled. It will be interesting to compare this week’s results to CBS’s for Super Bowl week. Also, note how close Univision finished to NBC in adults 18-49.

Note that the chart includes RATINGS not VIEWERS as was typical in our weekly network ratings posts prior to July, 2009.

Each rating point is a percentage of the US TV population in that demographic group and equals: 2.90 million viewers, 1.32 million adults 18-49, 0.68 million adults 18-34 and 1.24 million adults 25-54.

Yeah, Murdoch is crazy. Crazy like a Fox.


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Why are the liberal and conservative blogs obsessed with TV ratings? Does anybody besides them really care about this stuff? I know I don’t. I don’t need to know that Bill O’Reilly trounced Rachel Maddow (again) in order to validate my opinions. Let’s move along.


Wow those look like fingers and Fox is the index that form number one cool…