Noted comedian Robert Gibbs says, “You can’t spend more than you have.”

by editor on February 5, 2010

This from the man who is the official spokesman for the administration that just introduced a budget that calls for a $1.56 trillion deficit.

Two words: Friggin’ moron.

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Don’t forget the looming unfunded pension meltdown!


“You cannot spend more than you have, especially after we take as much as we can out of you. You are just going to have to live with whatever we allow you to keep. After all we are the Government we know best. Please sit down and take it and don’t talk back.”


But you can steal it. Why don’t Ameicans want Gov’t Controlled HC? It’s a ugly secret. The Gov’t BARROWED the surplus fund for Social Security, w/ the promise to pay it back. Gov’t never has repaid it.


this whole administration and the professional politicians know what the tax payers do not! you simply print money on the magical printing press whenever you need it, and to keep those crazy tea baggers minds on other thoughts they simply will increase taxes, directly or indirectly and no one will realize that our dollar is being devalued at a scary rate thanks to the genius staff of crooks in D.C.


I have to change the channel whenever he comes on TV or I feel like shooting the TV set. This guy is a major buffoon. Which explains a lot.

matthew s harrison

The horrifying thing about Gibbs, is he has been Oblahblah’s closest personal adviser for a long, long time.


So… You people out there do what we say and not what we do…

Classic Ideological Progressive/Liberal idiocy.