Fox makes news, MSNBC reports it

by editor on March 14, 2010

Such is the dwindling stature of MSNBC that they’ve taken to reporting events that occur on Fox.

For example, MSNBC’s Morning Joe show devoted an entire segment to Glenn Beck’s interview with disgraced Democrat Congressman Eric Massa. And it was surprisingly even-handed.

“Let me tell you something,” said Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. “[Beck] was not on his heels. He just, he played straight man and Donny Deutsch, he was, he did it very, very well.

Deutsch agreed saying, “Beck actually helped his brand a lot because he went from the crazy idiot to kind of a good interviewer. You know what I mean? And you know, you couldn’t help but not enjoy Glenn Beck yesterday, speaking from the extreme left.”

First of all, Deutsch doesn’t have to tell us he speaks from the extreme left because he’s a regular guest on MSNBC, so that’s just understood.

Second, nobody knows brands better than former ad genius Deutsch. So when he says Beck helped his brand, you know it’s true.

And third, well, we don’t really have a third point, but we needed to fill a little more space at the bottom of this story.


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MSNBC = AirAmerica TV.


I second your third point!


Donnie and the crew of Metro men on msnbc look like a bunch of giddy teen girls. That sissy is really into himself.