Hilarious: Germany to pay for its new coal power plants by diverting money from climate change fund

by editor on August 5, 2011

Angela Merkel’s government has made an announcement that’s sure to make environmental wackos happy – they’re closing down all their nuclear power plants. But Phase Two of the plan will drive the wackos even whackier.


German eco-wackos got their dream and their worst nightmare

Watts Up With That has the details:

Less than a month after the failed Bonn UN climate confab, Germany has announced a most audacious energy policy: in order to shutter nuclear plants (but not completely scuttle their economy), the German government will direct climate fund cash to building coal and natural gas plants. You can’t make this stuff up.

Germany plans to dump nuclear power by 2022 but clearly needs to meet burgeoning electricity demand especially for a still powerful manufacturing economy dependent upon exports. Solar panels at their latitude and windmills are not going to suffice, so the solution is more coal. The environmental movement must be apoplectic with so many politically correct wires crossing at once.

Perhaps Germans could figure out a way to power their nation by tapping into the steam coming out of the eco-wackos’ ears.

Source: Watts Up With That?

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6 November 2012


German authorities seeks to out-left the Obama administration.


A country that isn’t on the Ring of Fire, not subject to major earthquakes or tsunamis, reacts to Japan’s plight by shutting down its nuclear plants which will never be in the same situation. Makes sense to me!


What’s up with the nuclear cooling tower in the foreground of the picture? It has been touched up to look like a smokestack putting out dirty carbon based smoke. It should look like the ones in the background, clean with white steam from water used to remove the extra heat coming from it.

Joe Redfield

Of course, by the time it comes to implementing these changes, the people running Germany will have decided to go with infidel fueled plants.


Someone said a few years ago, “The green tree has red roots.”


Next they’ll be closing the Porsche, Audi, BMW and VW plants to fund the horse and buggy factories.


horse and buggy factories

Can’t have those either!
The “output” from the horses will run off into the streams and pollute the water.

I have a similar argument for any other type of transportation or fuel you want to name. I have been reading too many libtard posts!


Looks like you are in need of yet another 12 step program. 😉

Buck O'Fama

In the end, you have two choices: you can listen to all the useless environuts like Al Gore, Prince Chuckie and the Hollywood nitwits (all people who don’t actually know how to DO anything useful but spend their time looking for camera to stand in front of) or you can have a modern, functional society. The two are mutually exclusive.


The people you listed can go suck a big one as far as I’m concerned. Until they decide they will actually live with the crap they are trying to push us into, eff them.


Sounds like german engineers have come up with a viable solution to meet their needs. Wait, viable solution? Yep, I predict there will be blowback from the usual suspects.


With coal-based electricity, look for Volkswagen’s next “green” car to be called, Farfromnukin’.


I’m not so sure. I think it will be called “notfarfromtheoutlet”


Axe yourself these questions…

Have you ever been kept cool in the summer because of green energy?

Have you ever been kept warm in the winter because of green energy?

Has green energy ever gotten you from point A to point B in a car or plane?

…the answer should tell you everything you need to know about the green energy debate.


I like the ” Axe Yourself ” part . Cracked me up as a dittohead.

Roger Peck

Its about time someone came to their senses. Only hope that politicians pride doesn’t get in the way and other countries will follow before more factories are closed or worse, further attacks on coal mines and oil fields by environmentalist.