Glenn Beck asks “Who is Beau Friedlander and why is he saying these terrible things about me?”

by editor on September 8, 2009

“Why is he saying those terrible things?” is the easy part. Left wing lunatics just don’t like you, Glenn. The tougher question is, “Who the hell is Beau Friedlander?”

Turns out Beau (apparently his real name) is the editor-in-chief of Air America. We were shocked when he wrote an article in the Huffington Post demanding that Fox News fire Glenn Beck.

Don’t get us wrong. We weren’t shocked that he wrote the article. No. We were shocked to find out that Air America is still in operation.

It seems that Beau was hired by Air America to bring their internet-based reporting up to the level of a really bad Jerry Springer episode. Beau, to his credit is trying, first demanding that everyone forego Fox News or be branded un-American. Then, saving his liberal funniest for last, remarking that Van Jones is no more communist than (wait for it)…Glenn Beck.

That got us scrambling (in vain, it seems) for Glenn Beck’s admission of being a communist. Maybe Beau can get a copy of Glenn Beck’s confession from Dan Rather or better yet, maybe Air America can hire Dan and they can work together on stories.

To study Beau at work, and to see the sophisticated methods that Air America utilizes to determine which stories are the most timely and important, watch the embedded video.


Written by Patrick Michael

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Air America is still around?


Beavis and Butthead do the news


What a couple of nimrods.