Global warming update: Mad Max 4 filming delayed because Australia’s too green and pastoral

by editor on August 12, 2011

Tim Flannery is Australia’s version of Al Gore. By that we don’t mean that he’s an overweight guy who’s screwing the wives of his Hollywood buddies. Not at all. Tim Flannery couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of fifties.

But he is the Aussie pied piper of global warming. He comes up with one wild global warming prediction after another and none of them – repeat, none of them – ever come true.


Broken Hill normally looks like the perfect location for a Mad Max sequel, but not this year

For example, he forecast that Australian rain would become a thing of the past, that its rivers would stop flowing, that its water supplies would dry up and that its land would die.

As ABC Australia reports, the producers of Max Max 4 are now thinking, “If only.”

The highly anticipated fourth movie in the Mad Max series will no longer be filmed in Broken Hill in New South Wales’s far west, despite years of preparation.

Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM), the production company behind Mad Max: Fury Road, says the area around Broken Hill is too green for the post-apocalyptic film.

Filming on the movie, which will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, was meant to begin early next year after already being delayed twice because of weather…

Broken Hill Mayor Wincen Cuy says the council understands the decision.
“This decision has been 12 months now in the making and I believe it hasn’t been taken lightly,” he said.

“It is a tragedy that it can’t, but nature has caused it, nothing other than nature has caused it.

Yes, indeed, Mayor Cuy. It’s a damn tragedy your town won’t be blessed with the wonders that come with a Hollywood production crew and yet another tragedy that it’s been cursed with such abundant rain that the surrounding hillsides have exploded in grass and flowers.

A tragedy indeed.

Just ask Tim Flannery.

Source: ABC Australia

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KMM to priests of global warming: Who Run Barter Town?!


Ole Al Bore must have smoke coming out of his ears!



They are all fools.

Jim Stewart

Here in the Black Hills of South Dakota we have a type of global warming thought process. If we have don’t have rain then the warnings come about the high fire danger. If we have rain then we have people worrying that we have too much grass growing which will eventually provide fuel for fires. It’s sorta like 2008 having to choose between McCain and Obama.


So, I guess the Black Hills of South Dakota have fires. Must be our fault. For being racist.

Joe Redfield

I could have sworn I read not long ago that Australia had suffered a major drought, dried up and caught fire, and that it was now basically uninhabitable. I guess someone in MSM was having me on.


As islands go Australia is actually kinda large-ish. Hard to believe anything the Made-up Stories Media tells people these days.


Greenland is gonna be pissed they are not the largest Island in the world anymore. and New Guinea’s second place stature was all they had to brag about over chips and beer.


That darn Belgian guy Mercator tricked those silly Greenlanditians (I don’t really know what the people of Greenland call themselves or how it would translate to English) into thinking they had a really big chunk of solid stuff above sea level with his ‘projection’ cartographs. Chips and beer, mmmmm. I gotta go to the store for some potatoes.


i can only hope that dear sweet mel gibbson dies on the set of this movie for real.

Then, I would pay to watch his snuff-flick.


Is Mel in the movie? Man, talk about box office poison. I thought they would get a guy not so long in the tooth to appeal to those movie goers under 55.


KMM could film it in New Mexico! What hasn’t burned up in wildfires is so brown and dead looking it could work.


Isn’t that why they changed “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. Because until 30 years ago, the climate was always a stable known. Weather forecast were 100 percent correct, no ice age carved out lakes and rivers. No droughts, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

Big Al

If Bumbles gets reelected they can film it here in the States, very shortly-live.


That’s what I was thinking. That’s the direction we seem to be heading in.