Teach your children well: Is Obama’s Organizing for America guilty of voter fraud?

by editor on November 17, 2010

The Obama Youth guilty of voter fraud? Why that’s just not possible. No, we’ve given it considerable thought and it’s simply not possible.

Except that it is.

As you may know, Minnesota has a goofy law that allows any Tom, Dick or Abdul off the street to vote as long as someone else comes along and vouches for them. Yeah, it’s probably the dumbest election law in America, but this is Minnesotistan we’re talking about, so don’t be too damn surprised.

Students at the University of Minnesota, students associated with B. Hussein Obama’s “Organizing For America,” now stand accused of –- prepare to be shocked — vouching for people they didn’t really know. This is, of course, a felony in Minnesotistan.

We eagerly await President Obama’s angry denunciation of this outrageous election fraud.


(Sound of crickets)


Ahem. President Obama?

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Acorn got slapped, so they had to find another group to defraud the election this time around. And with Republicans winning, they failed even though they cheated. How dumb is that?


I am SOOOO shocked!!!! Not really. Thankfully it seems it didnt amount to anything in the end, but it is important to be vigilant.

Grammar Fuhrer

*Chirp* *Chirp* *Chirp* *Chirp* *Chirp*

Still nothing.


Voter fraud. You make it sound like there was a possibility that Obama was elected fairly and did not have all the news agencies except for Fox in his corner with free air time and spouting his campaign lies. I am just glad the conservatives woke up and started doing something even if it was a bit late.


As a Minnesotan, this comes as no surprise. The silver lining in this situation is that Minnesota Republicans have taken both the house and senate for the first time since 1972. Voting procedures will be one of the main issues in the upcoming legislature.


As another Minnesotan, I second your thought.

Liberalism:Ideas so good they have to be mandatory.
Andrew Wilkow

Pittsburgh Z

I bet half of the Democrat organizations are guilty of voter fraud.

Heck, all the cemeteries in Cook County, Illinois voted overwhelmingly for JFK.

They have a long history of such things and the POS media does nothing…cept for Fox News.


Don’t forget your sister city to the East…Filthadelphia.