It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me: Sheryl Attkisson, the author of this story, was one of the victims of the Obama surveillance state. Her crime? Being a reporter that dared to ask tough questions about O Duce and his bad behavior in the White House.

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Not so silent

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Not so silent

And yet Oblome is out on the lecture circuit making a shitload of money while continuously whining about conservatives…..He doesn’t know when to shut up. I hope he ends up in prison, broke and a war bride of some rather large football player like guy who is his cellmate….

Dave K

I wish he would STFU and go away. Living ninety miles east of Shitcago, I’ve been listening to him or news about him for over ten fvcking years. I can’t even sit and watch the news when he’s on there running his mouth so I just go outside and smoke. Worthless bloviating POS.


When are they going to lock him up? Not as long as we have a declawed and neutered AG!

Joe Redfield

And remember, all of these BO spy stories should include mention of the IRS prying into the activities of conservatives.