Federal Court Ruling Guts Police Ability To Use Guns. The 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiels strikes again. If you’re a cop you now have to tell the guy who’s about to shoot or stab you to hold on for a minute or two while you decide whether to shoot him or not.

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Not so silent

Way past time for the 9th Circus to be broken up and the retards removed from the bench. I wonder how many of the judges would be willing to give up their security and live in a shit neighborhood and have to depend on police officers who now have to wait to shoot an armed subject…Hell just run them over with a cop car and say “my foot slipped”…..I really hope Kin Jong Ding Dong launches a rocket and the target is San Francisco…Wouldn’t bother me if the whole city, and the 9th Circus Court of assholes disappeared in flash of light.