Joe Scarborough rants, “We’re screwed if this administration is afraid of a guy with a chalkboard.”

by editor on July 23, 2010

Joe rants. Joe raves. Joe actually makes us laugh with him instead of at him. And that may be a first.

His point? If the Obama administration is afraid of Glenn Beck, a mere cable TV show host, we are in big trouble.

Unfortunately, Joe is correct on both counts.

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mr. mojo risin

Isn’t Joey boy supposed to be the moderate conservative voice ( you know, for balance ) for PMSNBC ?


obama, I think is afraid of no one. His ego will not allow it. Mr. Beck, however does annoy the hell out of him. He forces the regime to have to concoct lies on the fly, which is a great inconvenience. It is much more difficult to herd the sheep off a cliff when a “rogue” dog is tryng to lead them to safety.GOD bless Mr. Beck!


OK. Obama being afraid of Beck so much that he would screw up and have the woman fired (assuming this wasn’t all contrived and planned to begin with) is bad, but at the same time it is good. It means that he realizes that he can’t just do whatever the heck he wants without someone challenging him on the issues and exposing his lies. The problem being that he has all the power in the world, Beck has none. All that Beck can do is galvanize people to take action, but if the people EN MASSE do nothing and continue to allow tyranny to reign there is isn’t that much more than Beck can do. So in all reality, what Obama really fears is the people (the way it should be) and so it is up to the people to do something about the country leaders.


Sherrod is now a Saint because she’s calling everyone else a racist, I knew the lamestream media would sort it all out for me so I know how to think correctly.


Wish I could say what Im thinking…


I wish I could think what I’m saying.


we are screwed…they are afraid of the guy with the chalkboard, but we are not screwed BECAUSE they are afraid of the guy with the chalkboard.


It’s not that they are afraid of a guy with a chalk board… They are afraid of anyone that has the eggs to tell the truth.

Cause they don’t want people seeing things like they really are…



Beck is out front, leading the charge against Obama. But he’s not just going out there exposing Obama & the people who prop him up. All of the networks, organizations, groups, & those funding the agenda he’s pushing are what Beck is explaining to the American people. He does it in a way that is easy to understand, & the people are getting it. He does it by talking TO THE PEOPLE, not AT THE PEOPLE, & The White House, the CenterForAmericanProgress, the lefty sites like HuffPo, DemUnderground, ThinkProgress, & MediaMatters, along with the MSM, are hellbent on trying to get rid of Beck because they know his message/teachings are having an effect. I just wonder how far the left will go to silence Beck…

Matt Gutierrez

Glenn Beck is the voice of the people. Of course Obama is going to be afraid of somebody who exposes government corruption and fraud on a national level. Horray for speech!