Jon Stewart says, “Breitbart may have been the most honest person involved in the whole Sherrod mess”

by editor on July 29, 2010

We’re not big Jon Stewart fans. We just find him about half as funny as he finds himself (but what the hell, he probably doesn’t find us all that amusing, either).

That being said, the host of the Daily Show occasionally says something even a committed conservative finds funny. Like this clip where he analyzes all the screw-ups in the Shirley Sherrod Sideshow.

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[…] to the youth of our nation.  The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart has been doling out criticism and recently highlighted their incompetance over firing an Agriculture employee before they even watche…of what she said.  Even Chris Matthews has gone on the record against the federal lawsuit filed […]

Pittsburgh Z
Pittsburgh Z

i couldn’t watch the whole way, but i suspect jon did NOT mention that the NAACP had the video….


Well, he did not mentioned that the NAACP had the video, however he did mentioned that the speech was for the NAACP and it was the NAACP and the White House who jumped the gun and were the ones that made the mistake. It would have been proper for him to specificy that it is not possible to be snookered when you are the one that owns the video to begin with, but I guess considering that he made a point to say that they weren’t snookered, I give him a pass. So I give him props for at least telling the truth, on the basics of the matter.


Id like to sit here and watch the left eat itself. So far its been entertaining.


I’d like to bring down the leftist institution.


Andrew Breitbart is trying to do that. Ever since the Clarence Thomas conformation hearings, he has really been trying to do just that.