Liberal civil war on MSNBC: Sit back, watch, enjoy

by editor on November 8, 2010

Trust us, you’ll get great pleasure out of watching this clip. Post-election recriminations fly as Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, who calls himself a progressive, goes up against MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who proudly calls himself a socialist.

In fact, he says, “I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals”

We actually like Lawrence O’Donnell a little more after watching this clip. At least he seems to have a bit of a grasp on reality, which is not something you can say about some other MSNBC hosts, who shall remain nameless simply because we can’t bear to type out their names again today.


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This was uncomfortable yet necessary to watch. It is important for these people to show themselves that way we know what we are dealing with.




Nice to know they don’t listen to each other any more than they do to the voters. I guess civil discoure is just not possible in the liberal world. How uncivilized. Goes to show you that money does not confer class.


Ok, why does the slate guy have an ear piece in? Is he in the secret service or something? Or is it there for the producers to give him instruction on what to say because the media is one big piece of orchestrated crap meant to confuse the masses?

Remember this everyone. When your children or grandchildren ask you why they always hear adults talk of how good life use to be. Tell them that sh*t like this is what people watched for information while the country was stolen and sold out from under them. They watched a staged show about irrelevant information put on by the paid mouthpieces of the oligarchy that sold their population down the river to avoid some capital losses on their investments.


I’m sorry but am I watching two socialist, lefties arguing with each other to prove which one is the bigger liberal?
Another version of who has the bigger intellectual winky dink but then find out that they are both intellectually sterile. Where is the mental viagra when you need some?


Actually, O’Donnell is right. Greenwald is naked. His arguments are silly and only make sense in the context of the loony progressive narrative.

Progressives only advance their agenda through stealth. We would be better off having a straight up honest discussion.

Pittsburgh Z

This goes to show how utterly disgraceful our educational system is now. Someone can proudly proclaim himself to be a Socialist…and it’s perfectly okay with millions of people.



Its not OK with everyone. There are a few who are quietly biding time, sharpening the machetes and waiting for the day of reckoning.

It may happen with the fall of the social programs if not sooner. Just remember not to stand in the way if/ when it starts.


Wow. A coalescing of stupidity rarely achieved outside of academia, impressive.


What was that I read once about a house divided? May MSNBC continue its progressive slide into the graveyard.


All I ever learn from watching MSNBC is that there is nothing to learn from watching MSNBC. Its just hypothetical nothingness.