Matthews says Obama’s like Fred Astaire, fantasizes he’s Ginger Rogers

by editor on February 15, 2009

Fred Astaire and Chris Matthews

Fred Astaire and Chris Matthews

Let us be the first to say it: Come out of the closet, Chris Matthews.

Matthews on-going Obama-erotic comments get stranger and stranger on a nightly basis. Now the host of MSNBC’s Hardball has compared Barack Obama to suave 1940’s dancer and heartthrob Fred Astaire.

“Yeah, he’s Fred Astaire out there,” Matthews enthused. “He is light-hearted, I mean he’s light, he still moves around with incredible alacrity.”

For god’s sake, Chris, this charade you’re living isn’t good for anyone. Just put on a nice, frilly gown and ask Obama for the next dance. Get it over with.

The team here at is behind you all the way. In a manly sort of way, of course.

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