Michigan State economics professor says $21 trillion is missing. He and some graduate students were reviewing federal government finances back to 1998 and found repeated instances of unauthorized extra-constitutional transfers, in one case for $800 billion at once. When he asked the feds about the transfers, the feds removed the online links to the reports so he couldn’t see them anymore.

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Check the bedroom of the Klinton Crime Library

Not so silent

Time to audit the Obama’s and Clintoons and their criminal friends, and maybe a few hundred in congress who suddenly got ric…Lieawatha Warren perhaps?

Joe Redfield

If you were a graduate of the Michael Mann School of Statistical Analysis you would point out that if this $21 trillion is divided by a thousand years, you are only talking about $21 million per year, which is a mere rounding error in the Federal Budget.(I know this is the opposite of what he did with the Hockey Stick, but tricks are tricks.)