Could Obama be fined $500 for falsifying census form?

by editor on April 5, 2010

When we filled out our census forms, we were careful to list Obama, the office cat, as half black and half white

Barack Obama filled out his family’s census form Monday, but could be in a heap of trouble for falsifying information.

The Harvard-educated President seems to have intentionally overlooked his caucasian mother’s contribution to his racial makeup and checked only one box – the one that said “Black, African Am., or Negro”.

The Population Reference Bureau says:

The 2010 Census continues the option first introduced in the 2000 Census for respondents to choose more than one race.

The law states that fines of up to $500 may be assessed for submitting false information, so we expect Attorney General Eric Holder to come knocking on the White House door any day now.

In other news, Obama’s Alzheimers condition will not be covered under new health care plan.

Source: Politico, Population Reference Bureau

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What makes people so sure he lied?

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nuoh my god.