In addition to saving or creating jobs, Obama’s now saving and creating entire congressional districts

by editor on November 18, 2009

Obama's Imaginary Congressional District Czar researching the number of jobs that have been saved or created

Obama's Imaginary Congressional District Czar researching the number of jobs that have been saved or created

No wonder his admirers think Barack Obama is The Greatest President In History. The guy not only creates jobs where none exist, he creates entire congressional districts where none exist.

“The Obama administration,” ABC News reports, “under fire for inflating job growth from the $787 billion stimulus plan, slashed over 60,000 jobs from its most recent report on the program because the reporting outlets had submitted ‘unrealistic data,’ according to a document obtained by ABC News.”

For example, Alabama’s Talladega County claimed 5,000 jobs had been saved or created from only $42,000 in stimulus funds. Ohio’s Belmont Metropolitan Housing Authority reported 16,120 jobs saved or created thanks to $1.3 million in stimulus money. Alabama’s Shelton State Community College used $27,000 in stimulus funds to save or create 14,500 jobs. And Alaska’s Alkan Builders used $11 mil to save or create 3,000 saved or created jobs.

Unfortunately, the reporting was bogus and all those jobs have been quietly subtracted from the 1,000,000 jobs Obama now claims he’s saved or created.

But the Obama administration, never sticklers for the truth, also claimed that Arizona’s 15th congressional district was able to use $761,420 to save 30 jobs. In one Iowa district, $10.6 million spent to create 39 jobs. And another 25 jobs were created in Connecticut’s 42nd district.

Problem is, those congressional districts – and many others listed in the government’s report – do not exist. Well, to be 100% accurate, they do exist, but only in the minds of White House imagineers.

Now that Obama has created these districts, Nancy Pelosi will soon begin crowing that evil Republicans want to deny the districts’ voters their constitutionally-guaranteed rights. The ACLU will rush in to file a suit on their behalf. Dead people from Chicago will move en masse to those districts so they can vote. And the Democrats will gain another ten seats in congress.

The sad part is that you’re wondering right now if that last paragraph is a joke.

Source: ABC News

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Who the hell ever came up with the idea that government creates jobs?Thats like expecting the DMV to buy you a car.


mr. obama and his people are trying to justify spending. it would be different if it was only a couple of disticts, but they are blowing smoke up our behinds.

Alice H

RACIST!!! Those are part of the seven states you keep forgetting about!