March ’08: Obama says Iran is no threat.
February ’10: Iran says it has weapons grade uranium.

by editor on February 11, 2010

Good lord, this president of ours is ignorant. Completely ignorant.

On March 18, 2008 he actually said Iran was no threat. Someone apparently told him how stupid that sounded, so he made a CYA speech the next day.

Obama’s comment sounded stupid then. It sounded just as stupid over the course of the last two years when he said he wanted to engage Iran with no pre-conditions and they blew him off. And it sounds even more stupid now that the Iranian government has announced that it has enriched weapons grade uranimum.

Who the hell voted for this guy?

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Please, Iran isn’t a threat. Why on earth would Iran want to attack America? This is a country which isn’t capable of refining oil into gasoline, and it plans to attack the most powerful country ever?? They’d be nuked off the face of the earth in minutes if they ever attacked America, why would they ever step on Superman’s cape?

The Soviets had 40,000 nuclear weapons, this is just a third world country perhaps getting one to get some respect from America and its little brother, Israel.

This kind of neo-conservatism is pathetic. Conservatives now claiming to be fiscally responsible yet they don’t mind hundreds of billions of dollars going overseas a year.

Come on, the traditional republican platform is true fiscal conservatism, civil liberties, and a strong military which is only used in just causes.

Here’s the platform Bush ran on in the year 2000, THIS is the typical republican platform.

Wise words on Iran:

What is the true platform of the Republican party?


Country size is not an indication of how much of a threat a country is or could be. That was moronic.

Why can’t people see through his BS?


BHO’s now agnostic about raising taxes on middle class. Bend over middle class, you’re going to get a Gov’t 5% sales tax on everything you buy. What a guy! Why does MSNBC still supports all his lies? Is it a GE thing?

Pittsburgh Z
Pittsburgh Z

This was an election pushed by the Liberal(Communist) Media…..They wanted this guy in the worst way……

Now we have him….in the worst way.