Obama on Solyndra Loan: “This was not our program.” Blames “Congress” and “the Chinese” for firm’s failure. Former president Bush must be out of town, we gather. Well, they say success has a thousand fathers… and failure has Barack Obama.

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According to the emails, it SURE AS HELL was barry’s idea. Now that its can belly up and cost us the tax payers 1/2 a billion dollars. It’s someone else’s fault. What a POS narcissistic lying ass hole.

barbiegirl ny

You can’t blame this guy for all his lies when there are so many nitwits out there who drool at his every word, are so easily duped, and are either too lazy or too stupid to question the validity of his statements. I can only pray they don’t show up at the polls this November.


You are right about all the fools that believe whatever gibberish they are told, but I think he can easily be blamed for intentionally misleading them for his own personal gain.

Owen Morgan

It’s a shame that the author of that piece perceptively caught out Obama in an out-and-out lie, but wasn’t prepared to call it a lie outright, preferring “an exaggeration of the truth”.

Nope; it was a lie.



Elrond Hubbard

What a dick! It’s never his fault, Obama sounds like a middle school whiner blaming everybody else for his lost homework and assorted misdeeds.

God, do I miss Lincoln, Harry Truman, Ike, and Reagan, real men who took responsibility for their actions. Now we’re living with the reincarnation of James Buchanan.

Pittsburgh Z

Watch it…Secret Service will pay you a visit for defaming our dear leader…


Everything that 0bama does and, of course, fails is not his fault.

Can we point out any single domestic agenda item from the 0bama regime that has been successful or has produced the results that the world’s smartest man promised?


Me, I’m still waiting for my 3000% discount off my health care premiums.