Obamacare mandate may be “mandate plus”. Belated realization the penalties (“taxes” to John Roberts) for not buying health insurance under ObamaCare are not very penalizing (taxing.) “’The key really is, how do you get younger people to buy coverage?’ said [an insurance co. veep.] ‘If you can jump in and out every time you need services, costs will go up.'” Hey, younger people – you voted for this clown and he’s repaying you by sticking his claws deeper into your wallets (those of you that have wallets.) You’re welcome.

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Good point about the younger folks jumping in and out at will. When you have a choice between paying $2000 penalty for bot buying insurance, and $24,000 for insurance, it’s a no brainer, especially when you can jump in the pool at will!

Joe Redfield

“But wait! That’s not all! Sign up today and we’ll throw in – absolutely free! – a tax on your grandchildren!”

Not so silent

Again the Oabama folks have sex with the taxpayers with even a kiss first.


It was obvious from the beginning that Obamacare was a dog’s breakfast.
Nice of Politico to point that out now that The WON has been safely re-elected.