Oops, NASA Finds Mantle Plume Melting Antarctica From Below, not ‘global warming.’ Another chink in the global warming scam.

A mantle plume producing almost as much heat as Yellowstone supervolcano appears to be melting part of West Antarctica from beneath.

Researchers at NASA have discovered a huge upwelling of hot rock under Marie Byrd Land, which lies between the Ross Ice Shelf and the Ross Sea, is creating vast lakes and rivers under the ice sheet. The presence of a huge mantle plume could explain why the region is so unstable today, and why it collapsed so quickly at the end of the last Ice Age, 11,000 years ago.

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Dave K

There are still people out there that fall for the globull warming scam though, there always will be.


So… y’all know that I am all about G-D so…. THIS right here? THIS is FASCINATING! The implications of the past and the future are blowing up my mind right now. What does this mean? Fascinating.


So, global warming is caused by,,,,,,the globe?


That, plus a generous helping of hot air from the left.

Joe Redfield

The heated magma was probably caused by an oil spill, or possibly US CO2 emissions; it could not possibly be natural.


US CO2 emissions, Yeah, that’s gotta be it!