Open thread: Cap and Trade Discussion

by editor on June 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and the House of Representatives have been quietly, but furiously trying to slip Cap- and-trade (formally called the American Clean Energy and Security Act) through this week before anyone notices. This will be the largest tax-increasing, economy-killing bill in United States history, all based upon the biggest scam in the history: Global Warming Climate Change.

House Democrats must be incredibly pleased that Michael Jackson’s death is now dominating the news, further obfuscating their attempt to pass this bill in the dark of night without hearing any GOP amendments.

This is such an important topic that we’re opening this thread so you can share your thoughts and provide whatever information you hear about Cap-and-Trade today. Include phone numbers of House members on the fence so others can call and help convince them to vote no. had over 10,000 visitors yesterday, so you can make a difference here.

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Don’t count on some African-Americans to get excited about “cap and trade”….A black congresswoman (this would be Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston), reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal.
She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in “language” that street people can understand because one of the problems that happened in New Orleans was that black people couldn’t understand the seriousness of the situation, due to the racially biased language of the weather report.
140 MPH winds followed by torrential downpour needs to be translated into Ebonics. I guess the term “Cap and Trade” could be confused with a graduation exercise!


Question.. apart from the congressmen/women on the list above, are all the others locked in? What’s the vote count for them? Is there a link for that info?


I care Man, I care!!! Come on, hang in there.

I called Maloney and sent her an email. Don’t know what else to do, but pray.

I feel like I have no voice. When I called to voice my opinion they didn’t even ask my name or anything.. just a polite, “ok, I’ll pass it on to the congresswoman”.. Wow! I feel so counted!


Well, guess no one really cares about cap and trade here. So, I’m done.



@MicheleBachmann: See how the Global Warming Energy Tax will affect your specific district

Democrats scramble for climate bill votes

Updated List of Fence Sitters

Dems leaning yes
Brian Higgins (N.Y) Phone: 202-225-3306 Fax:202-226-0347
Dina Titus (Nev.) Phone: 202-225-3252 Fax: 202-225-2185

Dems opposed
Jason Altmire (Pa.) Phone: 202-225-2565 Fax: 202-226-2274
John Barrow (Ga.)* Phone: 202-225-2823 Fax: 202-225-3377
Dan Boren (Okla.) Phone: 202-225-2701 Fax: 202-225-3038
Bobby Bright (Ala.) Phone: 202-225-2901 Fax: 202-225-8913
Artur Davis (Ala.) Phone: 202-225-2665 Fax: 202-226-9567
Larry Kissell (N.C.) Phone: 202-225-3715 Fax: 202-225-4036
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.)** Phone: 202-225-2801 Fax: 202-225-5823
Charlie Melancon (La.)* Phone: 202-225-4031 Fax: 202-226-3944
Mike Ross (Ark.)* Phone: 202-225-3772 Fax: 202-225-1314
Gene Taylor (Miss.) Phone: 202-225-5772 Fax: 202-225-7074
John Tanner (Tenn.) Phone: 202-225-4714 Fax: 202-225-1765

Dems leaning against
Henry Cuellar (Texas) Phone: 202-225-1640 Fax: 202-225-1641
Marcy Kaptur (Ohio) Phone: 202-225-4146 Fax: 202-225-7711
Glenn Nye (Va.) Phone: 202-225-4215 Fax: 202-225-4218

Neil Abercrombie (HI) PH. 202-225-2726 FAX: 202-225-4580
Leonard Boswell (IA) PH. 202-225-3806 FAX: 202-225-5608
Allen Boyd (FL) PH. 202-225-5235 FAX: 202-225-5615
Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX) PH. 202-225-8885 FAX: 202-226-1477
Travis Childers (MS) PH. 202-225-4306 FAX: 202-225-3549
Lacy Clay (MO) PH. 202-225-2406 FAX: 202-226-3717
Bill Foster (IL) PH. 202-225-2976 FAX: 202-225-0697
Alan Grayson (FL) PH. 202-225-2176 FAX: 202-225-0999
Mary Jo Kilroy (OH) PH. 202-225-2015 FAX: 202-225-3529
Frank Kratovil (MD) PH. 202-225-5311 FAX: 202-225-0254
Daniel Lipinski (IL) PH. 202-225-5701 FAX: 202-225-1012
Jim Marshall (GA) PH. 202-225-6531 FAX: 202-225-3013
Eric Massa (NY) PH. 202-225-3161 FAX: 202-226-6599
Walt Minnick (ID) PH. 202-225-6611 FAX: 202-225-3029
Alan Mollohan (W.Va.) Phone: 202-225-4172 Fax: 202-225-7564
Tom Perriello (Va.) Phone: 202-225-4711 Fax: 202-225-5681
Gary Peters (Mich.) Phone: 202-225-5802 Fax: 202-226-2356
Mark Schauer (Mich.) Phone: 202-225-6276 Fax: 202-225-6281
David Scott (Ga.) Phone: 202-225-2939 Fax: 202-225-4628

Republicans leaning no
Jim Gerlach (Pa.) Phone: 202-225-4315 Fax: 202-225-8440

Republicans on the fence/undecided
Mike Castle (Del.) Phone: 202-225-4165 Fax: 202-225-2291
Vernon Ehlers (Mich.) Phone: 202-225-3831 Fax: 202-225-5144
Mark Kirk (Ill.) Phone: 202-225-4835 Fax: 202-225-0837
Dave Reichert (Wash.) Phone: 202-225-7761 Fax: 202-225-4282
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.) Phone: 202-225-3931 Fax: 202-225-5620

ADDED 12:15pm per Red State:

Add these Republicans to the list of people to call about Cap and Trade.

Tell them to vote no on H.R. 2454.

Vern Buchanan (FL-13): 202-225-5015
Joseph Cao (LA-02): 202-225-6636
Vern Ehlers (MI-03): 202-225-3831
Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11): 202-225-5034
Jim Gerlach (PA-06): 202-225-4315
Tim Johnson (IL-15): 202-225-2371
Mark Kirk (IL-10): 202-225-4835
Chris Smith (NJ-04): 202-225-3765


Recent from Twitter #capandtrade:

@RyanSThompson: Rule outlining debate passes 217-205. That’s really close for a procedural vote. Expect the final vote to be even closer.

@bienvenunet: Delaware Rep. @repmikecastle leaning towards #CapAndTrade. Ask him to vote NO! Call him at (202) 225-4165

@ewerickson: Rep. Connolly (D-VA) is refusing to say how he’ll vote on #capandtrade. Call him at 202-225-1492

@SFabryRT More to read 300 pgs out of thin air added to #capandtrade bill:


Got through to Castle.. wouldn’t take my name cuz I’m calling from out of state.


Got through to Connolly.. actually asked my name!!!


Did you see that they just had a “moment” recognizing Michael Jackson in the middle of the proceedings!!!! The people are out of their minds.


Well, isn’t that just special. Why, oh WHY does EVERYBODY think they have to pay such revered homage to misfits (uber-talented as he was) like Michael Jackson?

Congresspersons of the United States!!!! Just do yer freekin Job!


I’m watching C-SPAN too, too bad about 1 out of 100,000 TV viewers are doing this.

A great way to follow the news on this bullshit is:


E-mails Expose Team Obama’s Disregard for Data on Global Warming


The Obama administration doesn’t want to hear inconvenient truths about global warming. And they don’t want you to hear them, either. As Democrats rush on Friday to pass a $4 trillion, thousand-page “cap and trade” bill that no one has read, environmental bureaucrats are stifling voices that threaten their political agenda.

The free market-based Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington (where I served as a journalism fellow in 1995) obtained a set of internal e-mails exposing Team Obama’s willful and reckless disregard for data that undermine the illusion of “consensus.” In March, Alan Carlin, a senior research analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency, asked agency officials to distribute his analysis on the health effects of greenhouse gases. EPA has proposed a public health “endangerment finding” covering CO2 and five other gases that would trigger costly, extensive new regulations of motor vehicles. The open comment period on the ruling ended this week. But Carlin’s study didn’t fit the blame-human-activity narrative, so it didn’t make the cut.

D Miller

It was 1200 pages and 300 pages of amendments added at the last minute, the right leaning talk shows and liberal leaning abc had guests on saying that they doubted that it would pass in the senate, but who could ever trust any of them?

Fed up

Don’t trust any of them. They don’t want to have to put up with the phone calls and faxes. Don’t stop contacting – they are playing mind games. Don’t fall for it. Besides, Reid hates phone calls and faxes. It’s worth it just to tick him off.


Just in my inbox from Newt Gingrich:

It’s not often that a single bill so clearly defines the struggle between freedom and control. Those are the stakes with the National Energy Tax, H.R. 2454, and the House will likely vote on it today.

President Obama stated yesterday that the National Energy Tax is a “jobs bill.” He’s right. But it’s not an American jobs bill. It’s a China jobs bill, because that’s where our jobs will go. Experts predict that this bill would destroy between 1,105,000 and 2,479,000 jobs on average, every year*. We can’t let that happen.

Please take a minute to call your member of Congress, and urge him or her to vote NO on H.R. 2454.

Here’s the link to find their phone number:

Yesterday, American Solutions members made over 15,000 phone calls to their Congressmen. It’s an amazing number, but we must push harder, because Speaker Pelosi, Al Gore and their left-wing allies are trying to corral moderate Republicans and Democrats to vote for what could be the largest tax increase in American history.

But, Congress is feeling the pressure. Your call – right now – can make a huge difference.

Please take a minute to call your member of Congress, and urge him or her to vote NO on H.R. 2454.

Together, we can stop this, and work towards implementing a real jobs bill, that will grow our economy, provide more energy at lower cost, and strengthen our national security.

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich
General Chairman
American Solutions

D Miller

I went to this site, tried to call but the line has been busy for the past hour, the petitions on the sites will not go through. Hopefully this is a good sign… Too much traffic perhaps?

D Miller

I was able to get through finally!!! I hope everyone starts calling thier representatives to let them know your opinion on this cap and trade debacle!

Fed up

I did not know this – guess I am stupid. But they have 5 days to change their votes. Everyone get to work! You’ll have to contact their home offices because they are on recess. Call them even if they are not in your state/district and tell them you will campaign against them when they come up for re-election.

Fed up

Just a suggestion. If 8 Republlicans can change their votes, so can the Dems. Pelosi will be in full mode if votes start changing. I suggest that everyone make a quick call or fax those Democrates that voted “no” on the cap and trade. If for nothing else than to let them know “we the people” appreciate their “no” vote. Can’t hurt and will make good PR. There were 44 no votges from Democrats. It will take some time, but I think it’s something we should not neglect.

Fed up

Sorry for the late reply. Just as I saw your message I found out my husband’s defib had gone off. He was out mowing in the heat – really stupid thing to do! Needed to run him to the hospital. Here is where you can find the posting on the Meetup group.
I’ll send a picture as soon as I can get to Wal-Mart. Right now I figure it shouldn’t be difficult to find red white and blue ribbons. Hope this helps.


Interesting Fedup. Do you have a link to the meetup page. I’d link to put that on Twitter to spread it around.

And use the contact form to send us a photo of your ribbons on you car and we’ll post it here.

Fed up

I just got the info off Glenn Beck’s MeetUp message board. The man that stated the info is always “right on” with his information and quick to deliver accurate info. It is also being suggested that everyone get red with and blue ribbons and tie on their cars to let Congress know we are unhappy with the way things are going. I will be getting a ribbon TODAY.


Are you certain of this?


Watch C-SPAN to see what’s really going on on this bill. It’s the only place to get away from Michael Jackson news. Normally, the callers are left-leaning, but since I’ve watching thsi morning, all callers are AGAINST the bill and are furious. Many are saying they are democrats who are sick of their party doing this. Many. Even if some are conservatives faking their party affiliation, not one pro-bill person has gotten through while I have been listening.