Open thread: Cap and Trade Discussion

by editor on June 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and the House of Representatives have been quietly, but furiously trying to slip Cap- and-trade (formally called the American Clean Energy and Security Act) through this week before anyone notices. This will be the largest tax-increasing, economy-killing bill in United States history, all based upon the biggest scam in the history: Global Warming Climate Change.

House Democrats must be incredibly pleased that Michael Jackson’s death is now dominating the news, further obfuscating their attempt to pass this bill in the dark of night without hearing any GOP amendments.

This is such an important topic that we’re opening this thread so you can share your thoughts and provide whatever information you hear about Cap-and-Trade today. Include phone numbers of House members on the fence so others can call and help convince them to vote no. had over 10,000 visitors yesterday, so you can make a difference here.

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Did anyone see House Minotirty Leader John Boehner’s speech before the vote on Friday evening. He cycled through the entire 300 page amendment picking on highlights. In the middle somewhere Waxman interrupted him and complained that he was taking up too much time. Waxman was slapped back by the speaker saying that he has the amount of time he wants.

I have even more respect for Boehner now…

Joh Boehner for PRESIDENT!!!!!!

P.S: DON”T FORGET—It also has to pass the SENATE! It’s not law yet, do our best to stop it!


It was AWESOME. I sat transfixed through the whole thing. The best part was watching Waxman acting like a little baby.

I think this might be the whole thing in 4 parts. Maybe there are more parts coming, I’ll keep checking.


I happened to go to the Drudge Report while he was speaking and Drudge made a big deal abou tit, so i clicked on the link to CSPAN and watched it.

It was really great what he did…. I am so angry at the utter contempt these Democrats have for our country. They kept that Amendment close thier chest for the entire time this bill was being considered and didnt it reveal it until the last possible moment so that no one would know wht they were voting on.


I wish I had found your site yesterday, but I have got it now..
I would like to have a list of the congressmen and women who voted for this. a full list .. I plan to campaign against each in some way or another.. this puts me into the unemployed ranks, I was informed of this last week.. If it passes the senate in any form the power plant I work at will allow 3 weeks to secure the facility and shut down .. So I will have plenty of time to launch my campaigns.
If you can find this list ,please post it.