Standards, schmandards: President Obama doesn’t want students to be tested

by editor on March 30, 2011

President Obama is apparently in hot pursuit of the student vote. He announced Monday that he thinks our poor, pampered little darlings are either bored by tests or punished by them.


President Obama is against testing. This really makes us want to see those missing report cards.

The Associated Press has news that tests our patience:

President Barack Obama said Monday that students should take fewer standardized tests and school performance should be measured in other ways. Too much testing makes education boring for kids, he said.

“Too often what we have been doing is using these tests to punish students,” the president told students and parents at a town hall hosted by the Univision Spanish-language television network at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, D.C.

Obama, who is pushing a rewrite of the nation’s education law that would ease some of its rigid measurement tools, said policymakers should find a test that “everybody agrees makes sense” and administer it in less pressure-packed atmospheres, potentially every few years instead of annually.

At the same time, Obama said, schools should be judged on criteria other than student test performance, including attendance rate.

“One thing I never want to see happen is schools that are just teaching the test because then you’re not learning about the world, you’re not learning about different cultures, you’re not learning about science, you’re not learning about math,” the president said. “All you’re learning about is how to fill out a little bubble on an exam and little tricks that you need to do in order to take a test and that’s not going to make education interesting.”

“And young people do well in stuff that they’re interested in,” Obama said. “They’re not going to do as well if it’s boring.”

Let us summarize the President’s position: Don’t judge students on things like tests, because that could cause members of the teachers unions to look bad, but do judge them on things like showing up for class because that causes more tax dollars to flow directly into the school districts.

In othe words, let’s just change it from “No Student Left Behind” to “Leftist Students Sitting On Their Behinds” and get it over with.

Source: Associated Press

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Perhaps it has more to do with his daughter’s report cards than anything else.

The Obumbly Obomster

oh snap.


Hell, why not quit testing? They quit learning a long time ago.


Here’s some alternative tests.
-send Johnny out to find a job when his only skill set is surfing and rolling a joint with one hand.
-give Mary a new baby but no job, no husband and tell her she now has to support herself and junior.
– take out all the boring stuff like math, reading, history, geography and science in standardized tests and replace it with a more interpretive exam that grades the lil’ darlings on how creatively they can make up an answer. Then tell them to compete in the real world against Asian kids who had to take standardized tests in addition to a rigorous academic program. Lil’ Johnny and Mary will enjoy cleaning the homes and tending the gardens of the Asian kids.
-and when we no longer raise kids that can compete in the real world, there won’t be enough taxpayers to pay for the nanny state that Johnny and Mary think they can fall back on to support their ignorant butts. We are only a generation or two away from becoming the indigents of the 22nd century.


AMEN!! Give them hell ocmadam!!


Motherf*, I hate it when I agree with him. Avoiding reading between the lines (because with Obummer, there is always something between the lines), I don’t think giving students more standardized tests does anything more than test for the lowest common denominator. When I was in school, I remember taking 4 tests from 1st to 12th grade. These days, kids seem to have one every year. And with school performance and other crap associated with the results, teachers are no longer teaching – they are prepping for an end-of-the-year test. Education doesn’t exist anymore until you get to college – and by then instead of becoming the future of America, students are becoming expensive high school students who can drink more.


They could be prepared by teaching them the material?

I hate hearing this sob story again and again. The alternative is what? Oh I know…schools can rubber-stamp everyone through to collect federal dollars. That way everyone can gradu-a-mate and still know nothing.

There are college kids that can’t do basic geometry or algebra. I seen it!


4 tests in 12 years? Where did you go to school? When I was in school we got a test of some kind every week. Some weeks we had a book report due for our English teacher. That is a form of testing a childs knowledge on how the kid read and interpreted the book. Every week, sometimes two or three times a week, we had a pop quiz in our math class. We had at least one quiz, or test, per week in history and science class.

Students used to be tested almost every day of the week in one class or the other. And we were not allowed to advance to the next grade until we understood what a child our age should understand! There was no such thing as this politically correct crap called “social advancement” so no lazy brat got held back, thereby bruising their tender little ego.

Looking at the high school graduates I see today I would say they need a little more ego, and ass, bruising. It worked when I was in school, out of 130 seniors 120 graduated. I’ll let you guess which welfare mother the 10 dropouts belonged too.


For the record, most teachers are annoyed with the massive amount of testing the kids are being asked to participate in. First of all, I’m definitely a Conservative and a former teacher, but the testing nowadays is SO rigid and perilous that teachers are literally told to forgo the standards supposed to be taught before the test and teach to the test. Some districts in danger of failing have done everything shy of replacing curriculum with the testing study book.

Teachers are encouraged to give regular class tests using bubble sheets so that the kids are used to them. In addition, Administration breathes down the neck so badly that teacher contracts may not renew if a class gets a poor grade on a test they’ve been told will affect their entire life. That’s not test anxiety for you! Everyone on earth who has taken any test knows that there are just some bad days. That’s why we don’t have one test for the whole year that determines your grade for the year. If you have a bad day, you make up for it the next week in another test. Not so with the Standardized.

Believe me, I am appalled that I’m saying this, but tweaking “No Child Left Behind” is probably the best thing this guy’s gonna do in office. Bush got the concept correct, but government officials who have never stepped foot in an actual classroom in 50 years aren’t going to figure out how to make kids be smarter, especially since school’s gotten so high-tech since 1950.. Get some current input.


Sorry, Dave. Your statement has no credibility. Teachers are annoyed and fear for their jobs? Too bad, and good! Teachers can’t get the job done, they should be fired. Welcome to the real world.

Let’s face the facts head on, shall we? Since jimmy “the moron” carter formed the department of mis-education, our kids have gone from 1st to collectively on average 35th in the world in basic math and science. Do not remember the percentage, but a substantial number of kids who “graduate” from HS, cannot read at an 8th grade level. And let’s not even get started on history, this is a whole other subject, something kids today know nothing about. Who’s fault are these grave issues? Teachers, disfunctional and incompetent administrations, union stupidity, and federal government intervention. All facts, all the time…..numbers above, indisputable.

I don’t seem to have had issues when I was in school…and you too I suspect with the standardized testing (if you are who you say you are)….along with quarterly testing, and finals at the end of each and every year. If you wanted to be a functional member of society, you had to work for it…what a novel concept!

Let’s walk back over to the light together, shall we? (and btw, I am not the one that gave you the thimbs down…leaving that to others….)


aawwww….. they’re responsible for teaching the children at a par level with other schools? Those poor children!

Testing is biased against kids that don’t give a sh*t,17966/


Yes, indeed…not surprised by anything anymore coming out of this inept, incompetent liberal moron. Now he wants to stop basic testing of students. I guess so! If there are stupid children out there, they grow up into stupid adult liberals that may join unions (another historical failure) and will unequivocally vote democrat! See how this works? Not only is liberalism a lie, it is a mental disorder (see chuckie schumers statements from yesterday…), and they prove over and over that they really are just dumb as boxes of rocks.

I feel like I’m now living in the twilight zone…an alternate universe where up is down, and black is white. I wonder sometimes if its over….if the liberal education system has put out so many stupid kids that actually buy into the lies and lunacy of liberalism. I’ve been told that many schools don’t even teach history anymore….even though these liberal fools keep rewriting it to support their idiotic views.

REAL History is very clear that liberalism is and always has been an abject failure…….

Like you guys said, now I want to see his transcripts, and while the idiot is at it, show the damned birth certificate!


” … students are either bored by tests or punished by them .”

Reminds me of his speech , which was probably about his mother , and now us , ” I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby “.

If that to harsh lets have some Lewis Carroll– ” They all must be winners and they all must have prizes .”


Well I suppose if you look at obama’s educational records, one might have to agree with him, Oops! those are still under lock and key so no one really knows much about the most brilliant presidents schooling history or anything else about him. But if a community organizer thinks tests are none beneficial than the world of education should change.