Bill Ayers: Any country with a US military base should be able to vote in American elections

by editor on March 30, 2011

Bill “Yeah, I’m Still An Unrepentant Terrorist” Ayers, a close personal friend of President Obama, is so far off to the left that you need a telescope to find him.

“Every resident of a country with an American military base within its borders ought to have the right to vote in an American presidential election,” Ayers said. “That causes a different kind of way of thinking, doesn’t it? I mean, imagine, you know, if hundreds and hundreds of millions of people voting for the American president from countries as diverse as Cuba and Italy and, you know, wherever. (indistinguishable) I think it’s a great idea. What do you think?”

What do we think? Well, Willie, we think you have it backwards. We have military bases in those countries because, at one time or another, we saved their asses from some oppressor.

Seems to us that if fair was fair, we should be able to vote in their elections, not vice versa.

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Sven Waring
Sven Waring

And Americans should be allowed to vote in the elections in those countries. Since we’re protecting them.


Hey – these two were involved in some pretty serious crimes! Here they are, free as birds, teaching our college students, and it occurred to me that THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE DUE TO THEIR CRIMINAL HISTORY! Is that the case? Since when did we change our laws to allow felons to vote?


Only in the US does a whacko like this talks his BS and nothing happens to him. If this was an Iranian or Russian or Egyptian (whatever) citizen he would have been dead 30 years ago.

It is after all one of the reasons why America is so great and I love it. However, I believe that he will get his one day. So let him talk his crap. His comeuppance shall be grand.


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