Racism takes a vacation (it followed Obama to Martha’s Vineyard)

by editor on August 24, 2011

If he weren’t such a dick, we could almost pity Barack Obama. All he wanted to do is take a low-profile taxpayer-paid vacation at the getaway of the rich and famous on Martha’s Vineyard and still he is subjected to the vile raaaaacist attacks which have bedevilled his promising presidency.

sharkysCapeCodOnline.com reports:

There seems to be a bit of a sea change regarding President Obama’s popularity, as judged by the offerings of businesses along Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Obama said he was going to fix the sea change.

In past years, shops displayed mainly supportive stuff, like t-shirts extolling Obama’s virtues. However, this year a smirking George W. Bush t-shirt is getting laughs from window shoppers. It reads: “Miss Me Yet? How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?”

A t-shirt extolling Obama’s virtues? That list would fit on the price tag. But on Martha’s Vineyard, the shoppers are laughing AT the Bush shirts, not with them, right?

Also, Sharky’s Cantina, a Mexican joint on Circuit Avenue has discontinued their Barack-O-Taco and Barack-O-Guaco (guacamole) “due to the tough economy,” according to a sign outside the restaurant. The Obamarita still survives on the drinks menu, but it has been joined by a Perry Berry Tea-ni, a martini named for the Texas governor and Republican presidential nominee.

Sure, the “tough economy”. And the Iraqis removed all of Saddam’s pictures due to a nail shortage. The Obamarita survives probably because it’s made with kool aid.

One comment stated (before it mysteriously disappeared), “If he’s tanking in uber-liberal Cape Cod, he’s tanking everywhere.” Good.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: CapeCodOnline.com

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In 2012, it’s really down to this question…

Kool Aid or Tea?

…simple as that.


Hey, Olivia! Are you ok or what? I figured our beloved Ollie would be jumping all over this story like a fly on a cow pie. Too bad she hasn’t been around lately, it’s hard to have fun with people who, mostly, agree with you.

The Right Angle

I gotta get one of those “Miss Me Yet? ” tshirts !


TRA: “I gotta get one of those “Miss Me Yet? ” tshirts !”

I believe this site has them in their “Little Shop of Right-Wingdom” so why not support your local “Right Wing Hate Machine” (as our Liberal friends must see it) and buy it from them. I know for fact they have it on a mug.

TIP: Don’t give your cash directly to Editor- he’s not real good with money.


The Obamarita is no doubt served on a Green Card, and if stopped for drunk driving after consuming far too many of them, Eric Holder’s DOJ will refuse to prosecute it as a crime.


They should be giving away those obamaritas like he is giving away all our hard earned tax dollars to the scum of the nation.


“…a Perry Berry Tea-ni, a martini named for the Texas governor and Republican presidential nominee.” Jumping to conclusions, are they? But I don’t blame them. It’s hard to turn down a candidate who comes to the sandbox armed with 38 electoral votes.


I wonder, if the price of the Obamarita was tied to the price of gold, how popular the drink would be?




The Obamarita has survived because Obama makes people want to drink.