Republican Senator Judd Gregg calls MSNBC hosts “absurd” and “dishonest”

by editor on February 1, 2010

Ouch. MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer and Melissa Francis get smacked up the side of the head by Judd Gregg. But the funny thing is, we don’t think they even suspect how bad they looked.

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Is tthis perchance the same sen gregg who refused to recuse himself from the banking committee and funded his pals with almost one trillion dollars for a bailout because he stood to lose his personal fortune of FORTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS?


How do these schoolgirls get these jobs? Whose their daddy? The women on Fox have brains. What kind of salaries to you think they get for being idiots?

Doc Savage

You could see the anxiety level rise in both of these brainless twits when Gregg went after them and actually had the temerity to call them on a statement they made. They have learned the ‘straw man’ game from Obama who used it repeatedly in his campaign and the now unending campaign he is waging against freedom and liberty. I suspect that both of those news bimbos ran for their bottles of Valium after getting thoroughly and beautifully REAMED by Gregg! If more Conservatives would simply go on the attack you would see more of these pseudo-intellects crumble into their urine-wet anchor chairs! LOL!


I would have liked to see the entire interview. It was a quasi question with the intention of demonizing his efforts to cut spending. Instead of saying something like “are you going to cut on medicare or social security?” (much more legitimate question) went with something that she knew people overall would be upset about much more. She wanted to bloody the waters with the question. Lame. That b*tch is lame and the other one is an idiot fool. I am still not liking the Contessa whore for her Sarah Palin stupidity. I think there was a story about that around here somewhere.

Overall with all the money spent on education… excuse me teacher’s unions, we as a country are not getting anything out of it or are we? We live in a country were people/schools/government have to bribe academic mediocrity out of the kids, just so there can be an appearance that they are getting an education with all the money spent.

Then there are the stories of people leaving Germany and seeking asylum here because Gmy is having issues with parents homeschooling their kids, to the point of seeking to put parents in prison. England is not far behind and even the US is given home-schooled young people a hard time by making it hard to be accepted in colleges. When all that they are doing is providing their kids with a safer environment and given them a chance to actually learn. Learning is becoming a by product and a novelty in some schools now. It is pathetic.



they really are lost in this Disneyland of Obama economics! as far as cutting programs, I sure wish someone could explain to me, why in the middle what should be called a depression, folks losing their jobs, unemployment at 17%, government in a run away bust to collapse the economy, Why are is the tax payer suppose to continue with payments to illegals; housing, insurance, social security, pell grants and on and on, Why? have no idea why the country they come from is not charged for every penny plus a fine that it cost to throw them back across the boarder with no lunch, no medical and no concern, what a load of nonsense, come back again and a micro chip and a $5,000 fine, don’t think Mexico would find this whole thing so funny


What a couple of moronic airheads.